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God Speaks Out on "The New Morality"
Ambassador College Department of Theology  

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   You live in a mixed-up world that has lost its way. Especially in the matter of sex and marriage. What is right? What is wrong? In the modern rebellion against puritanical moral taboos, a bewildered world throws up its hands. It seeks a new morality! But where is the AUTHORITY for a right moral code? The world doesn't know!
   Certainly there is no longer any dearth of printed instruction in the delicate field of sex and marriage. An avalanche of books has descended upon this confused world — authored, almost wholly, by medical doctors, psychiatrists, professional marriage counselors, and self-professed "sexologists."
   Yet these books, somehow, have failed to supply the right answers. The morality problem has not been solved.
   What's wrong?
   Does the problem of sex, after all, belong properly within the scope of medicine, or of psychiatry? Incredible though it may seem, the answer is NO! — except partially.
   HOW did sex originate? WHEN, and WHY was the marriage institution founded? The world doesn't know! The world has lost the true GOD!
   It was the Almighty Creator who made humans male and female. GOD was the Architect who designed sex. The ETERNAL set in dynamic motion sex stimuli.
   But WHY? Strange as it may seem, the world does not know! The medical doctors do not know! The psychiatrists do not know!
   HOW did marriage originate? The CREATOR Himself ordained the marriage union. But WHY? Why marriage? The world, its doctors and psychologists, do not know why! Yet the gentlemen of these materialistic professions write the books purporting to give a confused world the tragically needed knowledge about sex and marriage.
   The world has overlooked, ignored, and rejected the one sole AUTHORITY for morals. That AUTHORITY is the Great GOD, who created and who rules the vast universe!
   It is GOD who joins a man and woman as husband and wife.
   Winston Churchill spoke, before the American Congress, of a great PURPOSE being worked out here below. The Eternal GOD is author of that supreme PURPOSE, and also of His PLAN for its accomplishment. Sex and marriage are indelibly connected with that PURPOSE — and directly associated with that PLAN.
   The true GOSPEL of Jesus Christ is concerned with the SIN question, and the WAYS of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Two of the Ten Commandments safeguard the marriage institution. Two of the CAPITAL sins, carrying sentence of CAPITAL punishment, relate directly to wrong uses of sex.
   The question of sex and marriage is intrinsically bound together with the SIN question, and the spiritual ministry of salvation.
   The subjects of sex and marriage fall into the spiritual and moral categories, and therefore within the proper realm of the true Ministry of Jesus Christ.
   The two Commandments relating to right or wrong uses of sex, like others of the Ten Commandments, involve physical actions, but they are spiritual principles.
   Therefore this book, properly, has been a collaboration between those of Christ's Ministry, and those of the medical profession.
   The Eternal Creator made sex to be a pure, clean, and wonderful blessing. The Biblical revelation gives adequate instruction, which, obeyed and followed, bestows upon the happily married pure and joyous delights beyond description.
   But man has polluted, befouled, perverted, and misused every good thing God ever put within his reach. By wrong and perverted attitudes — by Satan — inspired interpretations of sex — by false moral codes — by flagrant misuses, and self-righteous repression of right uses — man has profaned God's freely proffered blessings into one of his greatest curses.
   Sinning man has dirtied that which God made to be kept clean. Pseudo-pious religionists have, in their "chaste severity," forbidden, and condemned into nonuse that which a Holy God designed for clean and righteous USE!
   In today's revolution of morals, God-rejecting professional men are leading the procession from prudish nonuse into promiscuous and sinful wrong use! Mankind, it seems, can go in every direction, and to every extreme, as long as it is away from the God-ordained right direction!
   For many centuries past, the world has sorely needed the TRUTH, and the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and instruction contained in this book.
   At this late date, with humanity held in the satanic clutch of false interpretations, wrong teachings, harmful attitudes, following evil customs and injurious practices, it is impossible for the reader to reap the blissful joys intended by a loving Creator merely by instruction in physical details alone.
   The earlier and middle chapters of this book are by far the most important. Every chapter is vital. Succeeding chapters can be rightly understood only in the light of what has gone before. It is important that you read it entirely through from the beginning. The astonishing knowledge and facts revealed in the early and middle portions of this book are as important as they are shocking.
   No matter who you are, or how much instruction you may have received on the subjects of sex and marriage, you are going to find much surprising knowledge, new to you, as you proceed, chapter by chapter, through this book.
   The impetus which started research and gathering of material for this book, in 1949, was the need to produce our own textbook for the Principles of Living course in Ambassador College. However, the accelerating demand from the constantly enlarging readership of The PLAIN TRUTH, now possibly exceeding two million people in all parts of the world, necessitated preparation of a work for the instruction of this vast number of people, in all walks of life, and in all levels of education.
   Purposely, therefore, we have avoided the staid, dry, pedantic, professorial style of writing which seems to be typical of the average textbook written for colleges and universities. It has always seemed to us that such writing serves rather to appease the intellectual vanity of the author than to convey knowledge to the reader. One can acquire a good-sized headache trying to decipher such monotonously dignified verbiage. We have never approved of it. The purpose of words is to convey meaning. We have tried to make this text as plain and understandable as it is frank. We have endeavored to make it easy to read.
   This work has been produced out of genuine concern, and deep compassion for a humanity robbed by false teachings, as well as by ignorance, of the joys, the delights, and the rich blessings a loving God made possible. But these may be OURS today, if only we will open our minds to receive what God reveals.
   Read and reread it, from beginning to end, allowing your Creator to renew in you a clean heart, a right spirit, and an understanding mind!
   And when you allow it to bring you the happiness the Holy God made possible, its producers will feel richly rewarded.

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Publication Date: 1964
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