Listen to  50th Anniversary of the Eugene Church 50th Anniversary of the Eugene Church
Herbert W Armstrong - September 24, 1983 - Feast of Tabernacles

With me up here are the only three, that I know, that were original members of the parent Church when it was first formed. Now I understand that there are several others who came into the headquarters' Church up here a little later, or many who were just children and hadn't grown up to be baptiz ...View Transcript

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Listen to  7 Trumpet Plagues - Day of the Lord 7 Trumpet Plagues - Day of the Lord
John H Ogwyn - October 21, 2000 - Last Great Day

Well brethren we are gathered here this afternoon on the last service of this Last Great Day the end of this fall festival season and I know that there were certainly a number of things that Mr. Meredith desired to focus the attention of the entire Church on at this time and we will try to look at s ...

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Listen to  A Foretaste of the Coming Kingdom A Foretaste of the Coming Kingdom
Herbert W Armstrong - October 11, 1984 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well, greetings, brethren. Not only do you here in Pasadena, but to all you brethren, you just telephoned in from New Zealand that you're getting the program down there. And right now, it's very close to nine o'clock tomorrow morning in New Zealand. And yet, at the same time that it is here, n ...View Transcript

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Listen to  A Memorial of Blowing Trumpets A Memorial of Blowing Trumpets
Carl E McNair - September 11, 1999 - Trumpets

Greetings everyone, we're looking forward to the Feast of Tabernacles right now with great anticipation and a great deal of excitement. Some people in the world think that we are a little bit daft because we observe the Feasts of God which are considered out of time and out of place for this day a ...

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Listen to  A Pentecost Message A Pentecost Message
Herbert W Armstrong - June 6, 1981 - Pentecost

You know, most churches pay no attention to Pentecost. I remember as a boy growing up in a Protestant church ... The Quaker church it really was. There are several kinds of Quaker churches, by the way. The original old-fashion type where I understand they'd twiddle their thumbs; they'd wait for ...View Transcript

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Listen to  A Period Of Lull A Period Of Lull
Harold Way - November 1, 2008

Brethren we live in a period of Church history, that we all I'm sure understand, that is unprecedented and is seemingly filled with confusion. A time when one could very easily, you might say, focus or, lose focus and simply throw in the towel. Thinking, well what is the use? Why put up with the h ...

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Listen to  A Positive Message A Positive Message
Herbert W Armstrong - December 1, 1977

Today I have good news for you, very good news. This church needs a reawakening. This church needs a spiritual reawakening if ever a church did. We also need a reawakening in our writings and in our preaching. We need an awakening from preaching a doctrine of gloom and agony and today's bad news. ...View Transcript

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Listen to  A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities
John H Ogwyn - September 25, 1994

In many ways the Bible could be likened to a tale of two cities, now perhaps you hadn't thought of it that way, but you see the Bible opens in the book of Genesis with two cities and it closes in the book of Revelations with two cities. In Genesis chapter 10 and chapter 11 we read of Babylon, we r ...

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Listen to  A Thousand Years of Real Peace Coming A Thousand Years of Real Peace Coming
Herbert W Armstrong - September 22, 1983 - Feast of Tabernacles

Well greetings brethren all over the United States and Canada and Britain. What a blessing we've been enjoying already. We got off to a wonderful start last night and earlier this morning here at Pasadena. And I'm sure you did in all the other Feast sites all over the United States, Canada, and ...View Transcript

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Watch  A Time of Peace, Joy and Happiness A Time of Peace, Joy and Happiness
Herbert W Armstrong - 1983 - Feast of Tabernacles

They say it's a fanciful imaginary something that is impossible a time of such wonderful peace and joy and happiness that it couldn't ever happen. Could it never happen, is it impossible? This world thinks it is, this world is living in abject ignorance and poverty, it doesn't know these thing ...View Transcript

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Listen to  A Time of Prelude A Time of Prelude
John H Ogwyn - January 29, 2005

A lot of things that we can look at and certainly things that we want to give consideration to as we look at events in the world around, I want to focus our attention here this afternoon on some things that are going on in the world seen to understand a little bit of the times in which we're livin ...

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Listen to  A Time of Renewal A Time of Renewal
John H Ogwyn - July 23, 1994

We're focusing in on the Feast and talking about that, I don't know if you've gotten out a calendar and looked, but you know, God's Festivals are getting pretty close. Do you realize there are 45 days from now until the Feast of Trumpets? 45 days, that's just over 6 weeks from now until th ...

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Listen to  Accreditation Accreditation
Herbert W Armstrong - April 17, 1982

Well, the first festival of Unleavened Bread for 1982 is now over. For the past three and a half years Jesus Christ has been putting this church, His church, back on the track. And for approximately the past year, I have been explaining the very foundation of the world. How this world came to be sta ...View Transcript

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Listen to  Agape Love Agape Love
Harold Way - 2010

Brethren, we know that Jesus Christ glorified His Father by successfully completing the work that His Father had given Him to do. We know the story, we are very familiar with it and in doing so we know that He qualified to be our Savior, He also qualified to be our Redeemer and our High Priest, as w ...

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Listen to  All Nations Against Jerusalem All Nations Against Jerusalem
John H Ogwyn - September 1, 2001

There is a far number of things going on in terms of the world seen and as we look around us and we see things that are happening, I think it does help us to understand that the time that we're living in is certainly very much connected with this Holy Day that is going to be coming up in just over ...

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