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Are these correct, Box 111 Pasadena, California 91109 and 800-423-4444?
No, the address for the Worldwide Church of God and phone number given for material are no longer correct for obtaining the information offered. This site offers all the material offered on this site 100% free. There is no need to call or mail your requests, simply do a search for the material on our site. The Worldwide Church of God changed their name and beliefs after Mr. Armstrong's death.

No Minister, What To Do?
Mr. Armstrong answers a question in 1955 concerning not having a Minister or Church in your area for Sabbath and Holy Day services. The audio answer he gives is about 18 minutes, message below or click this link to Download.

My Minister told me there are errors in the material on and that I shouldn't listen to that old stuff, is that true?
The material on is not "old stuff", it is the "original stuff" restored "by God" through Herbert W Armstrong. God stated He would restore the Truth (1,900 years later) which He did through Mr. Armstrong.
The material on contains 99.9% Truth restored "by God", NOT Herbert W Armstrong, God "used" Mr. Armstrong to restore His Truth. There might be .1% errors, but God did not restore mostly errors to His Truth the same Truth He sent Jesus Christ to proclaim 1,900 years before Mr. Armstrong. God states He is the same yesterday, today and forever!
God also tells us to "Hold Fast" to His Truth, the same message and Truth Jesus Christ was sent "by God" to proclaim and God restored 1,900 years later through Mr. Armstrong. God's government is from the top down, God states to "Hold Fast" to His Truth and "no man" can supersede God. Unless your minister's face is glowing like the sun, it would not be a problem for you to use/study the material on which is God's "restored" end-time and "original" Truth, per God.

He also said, I'm just listening to dead men on

Maybe you should ask him which "dead men" he is referring to: Abraham, Jacob, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Noah, King David, Job, Jeremiah, Herbert, Roderick, Dibar, Herman, Bryce, Leroy, etc.
Just because a man dies does not mean the Word(s) God spoke through him becomes obsolete or is to no avail. The answer above still applies to your ministers second statement and "was" taught by Jesus Christ to the then living and now dead and to the living in our time, who are now dead. It is God's teachings (Word), not the man speaking it, dead or alive! Remember, God is the same yesterday, today and forever!
Also remember, God states; Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (false minister) to deceive people concerning God's Truth and restored Truth that was taught through His servants and end-time servants listed above.

I have heard Mr. Armstrong's sermons are edited, is this true?
99.9% of the time this is an untrue rumor. If you go to legitimate sites that do not have an agenda against Mr. Armstrong (like the recorded material (Sermons, Telecasts, Bible Studies, Radio Broadcasts, etc.) have not had content editing performed to the media.

Some people think it is because there is a skip, or the audio or video starts in the middle of a sentence that the material was edited. This is not true, most of the material of the Worldwide Church of God was recorded when Cassette tapes and VHS tapes were the only media available. Both Medias could and did become corrupt at the beginning or end over time due to the elements of time. That is why some audio files start in mid-sentence or end abruptly.

Also, Cassette and VHS tapes, depending on the speed used during the recording were 30, 45, 60 & 90 minutes long. When a sermon was being recorded the speaker did not stop for the tape to be flipped or replaced which causes some of the breaks/skips in the middle or an abrupt end of a sermon or other recordings.

If I wanted to donate for the upkeep of this site, how can I get it to you?
Thank you for your offer, is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make donations for site upkeep and also help get this message out to God's people, the mailing address is: • PO Box 1550 • Independence, MO 64055 • USA - Please make checks or money orders payable to:    -    Donations also accepted through PayPal and Cash App. offers the material of the Worldwide Church of God the same as Mr. Armstrong did through the Worldwide Church of God, free of charge, gratis to all. received 8,365,165 hits last month with an all-time total of 425,315,194 hits from All countries around the world. has its own dedicated hosting and media center which handled 10,816,584,957 Kbytes of data last month with an all-time total of 747,245,693,569 Kbytes of data in books, booklets, Bible Studies, magazine articles and other publications being viewed and downloaded 24/7; 365 days a year. also uses a wide variety of Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Wordpress, Pinterest, etc., reaching millions more. has 2,191 audio/video files (Telecasts, Radio Broadcasts, Sermons, Bible Studies) streaming from available 24/7, 365 days a year to God's people. There have been 169,245 audio/video programs watched and downloaded from this month and an all-time total of 22,395,769 views. must rely on God's people the same as the Worldwide Church of God did to make this message available to all. Your donations are very much appreciated to help keep this message available to all.
There is a cost for these services and uses all donations, to make this message available to the world and to feed God's people, per God's instruction. gratefully accepts help with these costs, expenses, and the thousands of hours it is taking to build

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We still have thousands of items to add to, we are continually converting PDF files to searchable text, audio files to transcripts and much more, the site is changing and being added to virtually every day. So be sure to check back often!
Never in the history of the Church has God's people had easier access to God's Word then the time we live in now! Searchable Bibles and searchable Libraries like helps God's people in their Bible studies making them fast and easy like never before!
Need an answer from a Minister to your questions? has many Ministers from 50 plus years that recorded answers and explanations to vital questions you need answers to. gives you the ability to search in seconds to get those vital answers to virtually any questions you may have!

What is registration for?
Registration is not required to access any material on this site. Our registration (MyHWA area) allows users to save material they have viewed or read by title and date. currently has 12,237 titles and chapters and we hope this helps users keep track of when they viewed or read material.

Why is this "sermon" or this "Minister" on has left off sermon titles and men's name in the question above because they do not matter. posts material according to the truth revealed by God through Herbert W Armstrong, does not go by a man's name or a date of a sermon or a rumor about someone. goes by the message and if that message is the truth. If you find a message on our site that is contrary to God's truth given to Mr. Armstrong, we would like to know about it. tries very hard to post material that reflects the truth of God, not the truth of men. also does not post any material of any Minister that was not ordained and with the Worldwide Church of God before Mr. Armstrong's death in January 1986. There are Ministers that left the Worldwide Church of God after "it" fell away from God's truth and joined a splinter group that are very dedicated to God's truth and has no problem posting messages from these men if the message is the truth as given by God.

Where can I find information concerning God's Holy Days?
There is a link at the bottom of all pages called "Holy Day Information", which will take you to a calendar showing God's Holy Days, there are also links on the page that will take you to specific information concerning each Holy Day and Festival.

Is affiliated with any other organizations?
HWALibrary ( is a non-profit "Church of God" Library. HWALibrary is not affiliated with any other organizations. HWALibrary is a free tool for God's people to search out the truth (1 Thessalonians 5:21), "given by God", through Mr. Armstrong, the Philadelphia era (6th) of the 7 Church era's (Revelation 1:11 through Revelation 3:22). (Herbert W Armstrong Library) is dedicated to the preservation of history and teachings of the Worldwide Church of God under the direction of Herbert W Armstrong. maintains a historical archive of the 50+ year work of the Worldwide Church of God, Ambassador College, and The Ambassador International Cultural Foundation. For a brief overview of the man and the work he did through the Radio/Worldwide Church of God, please follow this link “A Tribute to Herbert W Armstrong”.

Do you have a Spanish language site?

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Is it OK to listen to Garner Ted and others that were put out of the Church? would recommend "not" listening to (or reading) material of men once they were put out of God's Church. For example, has material by Garner Ted Armstrong on our website up to 1978, he was put out in 1978 and no material of his has been or will be posted on after that date. will not post or archive any material of men once they were marked or put out of God's Church.
A few people will tell you Garner Ted Armstrong's material is "all" bad even before he was put out of church in 1978. This is simply not true, God's Apostle (Mr. Armstrong) would have never allowed Garner Ted Armstrong from the mid-50's to 1978 "in 100's and 100's of publications" publicly in Radio Broadcasts, Telecasts, Magazine Articles and Booklets speak contrary to the truth of God. I think we all know Mr. Armstrong well enough to know (as he did) when Garner Ted Armstrong started getting off track, Mr. Armstrong put a stop to it. There may be fragments here and there that some don't agree with, but chances are it is not going to cause you to stop believing God's truth if you run across these little fragments on as some would have you believe.
If you stop to think about it, the people of God's church talked favorably about all material of the Worldwide Church of God including Garner Ted Armstrong's material as the "truth", at church, at home and at work (from "his GTA's" beginning up to 1978). When Mr. Armstrong put Garner Ted Armstrong out of the church, the material that was "the truth", talked about for years by God's people as the "truth", did not suddenly become "untruth", that is ridiculous. God's truth is God's truth and has nothing to do with who is speaking it!

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When you access the sermons through the “Audio Video – List” mode there are several different ways to sort the sermons. They can be sorted by “Title” (default), “by Speaker” Name or by “Date” given. The page will also show if a sermon is a Holy Day sermon by indicating it in “bold”.
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HWALibrary.comQR Code, short for "Quick Response Code", enables you to bookmark the webpage information for each Book, Booklet, Magazine Article, Telecast, etc. shown on With the QR Code there is no need to type the URL into a phone, notebook, or iPad, instead you simply scan the image, your phone reads the QR Code, converts it back into the URL and stores it as a bookmark on your device for quick access while you are on the go. Most "QR Code Scanner" apps are free and can be found in your device app store.

A Little About
What makes unique? is a "full archive" of the Philadelphia era of God's Church. Some "archives" and websites take the approach to control the material of the Philadelphia era of God's Church and only archive what they believe you need to see or read, does not take this approach. Like the Bible with the good and bad recorded in it, is a "full archive" of all the material that we can get our hands on, both the good and the "so-called" watered down, not so good. We think it best if you decide what you want to view or read. God saw fit to put both "good and not so good" in the Bible archive and so does

Why should be a full archive?
The following statement alone requires a full archive library: "Mr. Armstrong said or Mr. So & So said". has made this statement far less used after went into service. It is not as easy to make that statement now that people can do a search on to find out if the statement was made or not. Now if someone makes the statement, you can ask them, where does it say that? Hard to do on a "half archive".

Why Has These Men Included
Soon after began, opinions started rolling in on who and what material needed to be included in the "archive" and what needed to be removed. To tell you the truth, if removed all material "a few" people email saying they don't like, of this person or that person, there would be several thousand articles, sermons and other material gone.
To give you examples, here is a partial list:
And around 15 others!
Pick any one of the men above and go to and you will see many excellent articles and other material by these men. Too many times it is about the man's name and not the content of the material. does not judge or exclude a man by what they did after Worldwide nor do we post inappropriate material by them if or after they left God's Church. would like to suggest something, if you don't like material by an individual(s) on the archive, simply don't click on it! You have control of the material you select (click on). That way others still have control of the material they wish to select.

Is This Archive Library Without Error?
Was the Philadelphia era of God's Work error free? No, but no other era was or is error free either. The Bible has many examples of human leaders throughout history making mistakes, God did not remove the errors from the Bible record, He made them available so we can all learn from them. We should not strip out the "not so good" and just leave the "good" either, does not simply post what "we" like or "you" like, we post all of it. goes by the good rule of thumb; "If you forget the past, you will repeat the mistakes of the past". It is a good rule of thumb to build an "archive library" on, don't you think?

Opinion, Agenda and Propaganda FREE Zone! is an "Opinion, Agenda and Propaganda FREE Zone!" does not subject anyone to our opinion and views, is full of material from men and groups of men that did extensive studying into the Bible and God's Word, our opinion and input is not required. We post the material "as is" to social media and other places for God's people to enjoy. We are sure there are enough opinions, agendas, and propaganda all over the web for God's people to sift through. adding stuff before and after to promote an agenda simply will never happen! In other words, we don't need to throw in the kitchen sink, just the original material will do!

What is the meaning of "Back On Track"?
This is a term Mr. Armstrong used while he was putting the Church of God "Back On Track".
The picture below shows what Mr. Armstrong meant by the term "Back On Track".
40+ Years: The Church was "On Track" (let's get back to it).
8 Years (approximately): The Church got "Off Track" (let's stop it).
7 Years: The Church needs to get "Back On Track" (let's use the 40+ years, plus what I'm telling you "now" during these 7 years and get "Back On Track").
The problem is some use the term "Back On Track" for their own meaning which Mr. Armstrong never meant or said and will tell you that "only" the material during the 7 years of getting "Back On Track" is to be used and ONLY if it was written by him (Mr. Armstrong)! Or "they" use the term "Back On Track" to tell you what is OK for you to read and listen to! What???
What does the term "Back On Track" mean?
It means "GET Back On Track"!
Back On Track of what?
Back On Track when the Church was NOT OFF track! (see picture above)
(He meant nothing less than, I am using the "On Track (40+ years)" of material to get the Church "Back On Track", some of the 70's material and what I'm telling you now in my last 7 years!)
Mr. Armstrong never said; throw away all teachings of the Church and ONLY use 7 years of it and only if I wrote it! Mr. Armstrong never meant that when he used the term "Back On Track". The picture above shows exactly what Mr. Armstrong meant!
In 1979 at the beginning of Mr. Armstrong putting the Church "Back On Track" he stated in a July 24, 1979 Co-Worker Letter that "much" of the take-over by Garner Ted and the others was done "SECRETLY"! These men had been doing the take-over "attempt" behind closed doors, in their local Church areas and behind closed classroom doors at the College. They were setting the stage for "a takeover - SECRETLY"! They were not "publicly" making the "takeover attempt" in the publications and material read and viewed by "millions" including Mr. Armstrong.
During the "Back On Track" years Mr. Armstrong referenced many writing, comments, articles, publications by him and other men throughout the 7 "Back On Track" years, even material during the 70's was referenced during the "Back On Track" years. Example: Pentecost being changed and reprint articles (Special Topics) dated in the 70's sent out during the 80's to God's people and others requesting it!
Don't let a few people tell you "don't read or listen to this (the 70's)" because I say so. "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good (I Thessalonians 5:21)" and verify if the material of the 70's (ONLY about 8 years) was really as wicked as a few say. For the first time in 30 years you can do this in just a few minutes, has all the material, go to the magazines, go to the 70's and scan down through the titles. Do you see wicked material or just material that does not have the same "meat" the first 40+ years did? Chances are you won't find any article that tells you not to keep the Sabbath during the 70's or any other major doctrine changes! The 70's had more world events and world issues in the material, and not as much truth as the previous 40+ years.
Too many today use Mr. Armstrong's term "Back On Track" to get you to read and listen to them and not the material Mr. Armstrong wanted you to get back to!

Prayer Request
James 5:16 - "Pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." has setup a "Private" Facebook page so God's people can pray for one another. Here is the link: