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God Speaks Out on "The New Morality"
Ambassador College Department of Theology  

Chapter 6

The New Morality

   THE "sense of guilt" interpretation of sex had been weighed in the balance by a repressed world and found wanting.
   But today we have emerged into a different world. Knowledge has suddenly increased with the acceleration of an explosion.
   Yet today's world is not exchanging its traditional pagan concepts for the truth of God. In no sense is it returning to its own Creator and His ways and laws.
   Rather humanity now is taking a rocket-speed plunge into a new "morality" — or more properly, IMmorality — of its own. It is fleeing farther than ever, and with accelerating speed, away from its Maker and the happiness He made possible.
   The dualistic interpretation destroyed happiness in a high percentage of marriages. The "new morality" will destroy civilization.
   Before we examine the TRUE WAY, it is essential that we open our eyes to the facts as they now exist. I doubt seriously that my average reader realizes the true state of affairs. To call them shocking is an understatement!
   "Morality," it seems, is the major interest in the western world. Look at the news! The hydrogen bomb — the possibility of erasing human life from this planet, snuffing out all our lives — the Cold War — the flight to the moon — all these have subsided in interest behind news of Elizabeth Taylor's latest "love" life; the Profumo scandal and the illicit sex lives of Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies; and other sensational sex news.
   Every issue of every magazine of popular circulation, it seems, uses an article on sex to entice readers at the newsstands. For example, this chapter is being written in Dusseldorf, Germany, in May, 1964. As my wife and I passed through the lobby of our hotel, a few moments ago, returning to our room, she picked up at the newsstand a copy of Reader's Digest, United States edition. Pasted over the front cover was the usual newsstand sticker advertising in big type six articles to tempt the purchaser. First to hit the eye is: "Too MUCH SEX ON CAMPUSES," and, in small type underneath: "page 59." Turning to page 59, the subheading states that the obligation to teach students how to cope with their sex problems is being neglected by too many colleges.
   The article, condensed from Ladies' Home Journal, quotes an Oregon State University professor: "The conclusion that we have done a thoroughly unsatisfactory job of sex — human — relations education, probably most of all in the colleges, is simply inescapable."
   But how can the colleges teach what the educators themselves do not know? Education has gone materialistic. The TRUTH that would bring the people the true FREEDOM of happiness — freedom from frustrations in marriage; from the nightmare of premarital pregnancies; from broken homes and juvenile delinquents; from disillusionments, perverted minds, broken lives — this TRUTH can come only from GOD and from His WORD! But God is not very welcome on the average campus today, nor is His Word taken seriously.
   On the three Ambassador campuses this obligation toward our students is not neglected! And these students enjoy this true FREEDOM from unhappiness and tragedy!

The Shocking FACTS!

   Take a quick over-all view of conditions in the western world. In Sweden, the mother of a 19-year-old son was being interviewed by a British newspaper woman. The son came in, gave his mother a kiss on the cheek, and was off for the remainder of the day.
   "My son is so thoughtful of me," said the Swedish woman. "I used to walk into my kitchen, on rising of a morning, and frequently find a strange teen-age girl in a kimono searching the refrigerator. When my son learned that I was not too happy over this, he was very considerate. Now he takes his girl-friends elsewhere for the night."
   Shocking? It is common practice in Sweden today for teen-age boys to bring their girl friends to their own homes to sleep with them for the night. This sort of thing is not discouraged in Sweden. Rather, there are government agencies for disseminating information regarding contraceptives, and protection from venereal disease. If an unmarried girl becomes pregnant, there are public welfare agencies to help her. If she wishes to have her baby, provisions are made to give her aid, including the delivery of the baby. If not, she may be granted official permission to have an abortion. And legally!
   Divorce may be obtained in Sweden with no difficulty at all. No "evidence" or "grounds" required. Marriage is not "until death do us part," but until the next divorce. This "new morality" in Sweden bears the fruit of tragedy, despondency, frustration.
   The Profumo scandal in London merely happened to be one that "got found out." That is not to say that all top officials carry on such illicit "love affairs" with girls other than their wives. But, so far as successful men generally are concerned — according to the world's concept of "successful men" — such affairs are not at all uncommon. And the two "professionals" tried at court for perjury in the aftermath — Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies — showed no sense of shame or feeling of guilt. Rather, they thought their "profession" entirely honorable!
   A French publication, not long ago, announced a "new religion" in France. Freedom from all restraint in sex urges complete freedom to do as one pleases — that was the new religion.
   Listen to a Senior Editor for Look magazine: "We are witnessing the death of the old morality.... Conditions are changing so fast that the established moral guidelines have been yanked from our hands. No single authority rules our conduct. No church lays down the moral law for all.... We are heading into danger. We are in the midst of a moral crisis — because the great majority of Americans, who want to try to live moral lives, no longer can be certain what is right and what is wrong.... We are groping, painfully and often blindly, for new standards that will enable us to live morally and decently." (Emphasis added.)
   What is meant, here, is that people now want to adopt a moral standard which calls fornication, adultery, homosexuality "moral." They want Society to approve and adopt a standard which enables them to be promiscuous, unfaithful, or perverted — and have it accepted as living morally and decently. But to continue, the Look Senior Editor said:
   "The experts feel strongly that we cannot turn back to earlier, more rigid behavior patterns.... We must find a new moral code that will fit the need of the society we live in."

Misrepresenting the Bible

   WHY would it never occur to "the experts" to learn the standards of the Creator? It is the "experts" — the professional leaders — the theologians, the educators, the doctors, the psychiatrists, the marriage counsellors — who set the patterns and establish the codes. They feel they cannot turn back to the rigid, prudish, straight-laced, repressive code of past centuries, resulting from the dualistic attitude of shame and sense of guilt in marriage.
   What is really WRONG is the concept, generally assumed, that this sex-is-evil attitude is the harsh Law of God — the teaching of the Bible. So the Bible gets discredited. God is banished from their thought. And, in the thinking of misguided men, they must now do away with the sex-is-evil notion altogether. They must now adopt a sex-is-GOOD code.
   Too many "religious" people have conceived of SIN as being wrong things, instead of the wrong doing — the wrong USES of things. Some of the "very religious" have taught that any alcoholic beverage is SIN! A deck of cards or a pair of dice is SIN! The theater is SIN! It is only their wrong use that is sin!
   And the "wisest" of the psychiatrists, the physicians, the church leaders, and the educators cannot comprehend that SEX has GOD-ORDAINED purposes — that the right or wrong of sex is a matter of HOW IT IS USED — not a matter of whether SEX ITSELF is evil or good! Sex knowledge has increased. But, I repeat, this avalanche of sex knowledge released these past forty years is only half true, because only half complete. It does not reveal God's PURPOSES and LAWS of sex. Therefore it is deceptive, soul-damaging, and is leading this world to the brink of total destruction!!

Illicit Sex Police — Protected?

   But to continue:
   Over our UPI teletype, at the News Bureau on the Ambassador College campus, Pasadena, came this dispatch from LONDON: "In London's parks the birds and the bees take lessons from the boys and girls — as many a blushing tourist can testify. Today the youth of Britain was assured that it can continue the free-for-all-wrestling that passes here for courtship without undue interference from the police."
   Do people generally realize the extent of this sudden "social revolution"? Committing fornication openly on park benches, or park lawns!! It ought to be shocking — revolting!! But people have become calloused, indifferent, unconcerned! It's time people WAKE UP! Their "social revolution" has brought modern society to the precipice of total destruction.
   But to continue the above UPI dispatch: "Scotland Yard, taking into account a recent court decision, has circulated a confidential memo warning its detectives and constables that couples cannot be arrested on suspicion of offending public decency: this goes not only for the parks, the famous squares, the main boulevards and all the other open places where the mating urge seems to seize upon the young Briton, but in particular, parked cars...."
   It is in parked cars that girls most often lose their virginity. Now fornication in parked cars is openly permitted in London. Police interference is barred.
   "Many Americans," continues the dispatch, "have wondered how the British ever got their reputation for being staid and conservative. Any tourist who can take his eyes from the screen of some London cinemas is apt to see hotter love scenes in the back rows than Hollywood can produce."
   A London Vicar of the Church of England has barred kissing by teen-agers in his church. "My church is not the place for courting," he said. "I was amazed to find that many teen-agers were only interested in sex. I'm no square. Young love is only natural and healthy — but there is a time and place for everything. Church is not a courting haunt."
   Switch the scene back to Los Angeles.
   Symptom: Fourteen girls missed graduation exercises at a Los Angeles high school.... Reason: advanced pregnancy.

The New Teen-Age Disease: "Automania"

   From the New York World Telegram & Sun: "'Automania,' a Nassau County judge says, is a new teen-age disease. It's an over-obsession for cars manifest in stolen autos, wild joyrides, backseat intimacies.
   "All across the broad sweep of the United States, an infectious malady is spreading with the persistence and virulence of the plagues that pre-dated this age of antibiotics. The malady goes by the name of teen-age immorality. It is reflected not only in a cauldron of promiscuity, illegitimate births, abortions, venereal disease, homosexuality and 'shotgun' marriages, but in related behaviour patterns that offend against the accepted mores. These include delinquent behaviour, truancy, runaway-itis, thievery, heavy drinking, and addiction to narcotics and related habit-forming potions....
   "There was not a single sociologist, psychologist, or youth expert whom we interviewed while preparing this series who did not agree that waywardness among today's juveniles has soared to the point of defying all precedent....
   "Juvenile arrests have increased 116% in the last 10 years. The cost of youth crime is up to $4,000,000,000 a year. A million young people under 18 were jailed last year. The U.S. Senate Juvenile Delinquency subcommittee has reported that 20% of all our young people between the ages of 10 and 17 have court records for misbehaviour."
   PARENTS! Do you know what your teen-age children are doing? Don't be too sure! These are not fairy tales you are reading. These are FACTS! This is the condition! This is the world that is influencing your children more than you realize!
   Now continue this report:
   "The most eye-popping figures relate to the fruits of SEX DELINQUENCY. The vital statistics division of the U.S. Public Health Service says there are now approximately a quarter of a million illegitimate births a year. This is an increase of 60% over the past ten years, and the rate has tripled in the last 25. The rate of increase in legitimate births during this period is far less.
   "The quarter of a million figure would be much higher except for special circumstances. There are 15 states which do not specifically report on illegitimate cases. No births to married women are ever reported as illegitimate, and many cases of illegitimacy are concealed through the falsification of records. Furthermore, it is estimated that about two million illegal abortions are performed every year. Then there are the vast number of cases where the product of illicit young 'love' becomes legitimatized through a hasty 'shotgun' wedding.... The greatest percentage increase in the ranks of those who breed illegitimate progeny are products of so-called good families on the right side of the tracks....
   "The Council of School Parents in high-income, status — happy Darien, Connecticut, issued an eye-opening report recently revealing 'an alarming number of pregnancies in high school' and 'an unbelievable amount of necking and petting going on... involving even youngsters from the sixth and seventh grades...' The Council's publication quoted a girl student as saying, 'Accepting a date to the drive-in movies is like accepting a date for sex relations.'"

"Going Steady"

   A new evil, not generally recognized as an evil, is the American custom of "going steady." Teen-agers have their arguments. One impelling motive is the feeling of insecurity of these times. "Going steady" provides "security" — the boy or girl is assured of dates. Then too, as boys today become more and more girlish and feminine, and less and less masculine, many are becoming more bashful. Asking a girl for a date seems to be an ordeal. What if she turns the boy down? The thought strikes fear into the boy's heart.
   From the Los Angeles Times comes this dispatch by Dorothy Ricker in the "Teen-age Mail": "Some time ago when I conducted a national poll on teens going steady, 72% of the girls and 74% of the boys answered 'Yes' to the following question: 'Do you think dating only one person leads to more physical intimacy [fornication] than dating more than one?'"
   A few years ago, the going-steady custom was followed primarily by young people in the late teens — 17 to 19. A little later the 15- and 16-year adolescents were going steady. And now the children of 13 and 14 are beginning the practice — and, in some cases, even 11- and 12-year-olds.
   The "new psychology" of the "experts" accompanies hand-in-hand the "new morality." Under this particular satanic sway parents are sparing the rod and spoiling the children. Permissiveness is being accepted as the "intelligent" and modern formula for child rearing.
   And where is this leading? Many directions — all of them WRONG! Few parents realize what is really happening to their children. Children are influenced far more by other children than by their parents — unless parental training is far more intelligent than that of this perverted "new psychology."

College Campus Morals

   Take, for example, the daughter who has been carefully reared and kept morally clean up to age 17.
   Here is the case history of one such girl. The reader may have read it in the May, 1964, Reader's Digest. She entered college early. It was a sophisticated atmosphere. Most of the girls were a little older, and the product of the "new psychology" in permissive child rearing. Other girls did not conceal their amusement at her ideals of chastity. She was terribly old-fashioned.
   In her second year at college, she weakened under this pressure — not only from young men who had "a line" about the "rightness" of allowing "love" to be freely expressed, but pressure from the girls as well. Few college students can stand up against such pressures. The girl "fell for the line" of a certain boy, decided it was love, and yielded. She began to believe premarital sex was the right thing to do, after all.
   Then the bombshell exploded — and her life with it! The boy friend married another girl. She discovered she was pregnant. She refused, on counsel, to take her problem to her parents. Instead she underwent an illegal abortion. Discouraged, frustrated, she was unable to maintain passing grades, and left college, her whole life wrecked.
   I quote from the article: "Officials [of the college] supposedly dedicated to bringing her to mature womanhood, never knew why she had failed."
   I do thank God that, at three colleges, I have been given the opportunity to see that students do receive proper and full instruction not only, but also reasonable regulations designed to forestall and prevent such tragedies!
   Look further at this campus state of affairs. These are things few parents know. Few students, making application for admission to a college, realize the influences and the pressures that will be exerted.
   From the London Daily Mail comes this bit of news:
   "Oxford's top undergraduates — two of them girls — suggested a 'sex charter' to university authorities yesterday. Its main points were:
   "1) Undergraduates' private sexual behaviour should be their own responsibility.
   "2) Authorities should punish undergraduates only if they have seriously damaged the institution's moral reputation, or if their behaviour has 'clearly' amounted to an imposition on friends' freedom or welfare.
   "A circular letter, signed by 27 undergraduates, most of them officers or ex-officers of university clubs, was sent to 200 dons inviting their approval of the charter. It claims the charter, which follows the expulsion of a girl undergraduate found with a man in a room at St. Hilda's College, would avoid further friction between undergraduates and the authorities."
   To return once again to the article in Reader's Digest, the author, a Superior Court woman judge, says: "What distresses me is that many girls are overwhelmed by the pressures to conform" (on college campuses). "They believe that if a girl remains chaste she's likely to be stricken from available — for — dates lists. Nice girls, too timid to defy the crowd, make sexual commitments for the security of 'belonging.' For those girls missing the warmth and security of home, the sexual answer to loneliness can lead to the loneliest of lives — an almost total absence of feeling.... It is the parents' duty to talk frankly to a college-bound daughter. ... But the odds are against even the best-advised girls if colleges are indifferent to student attitudes.... From the first day students arrive, colleges should spell out acceptable standards of social behaviour" (emphasis ours). But do they?
   At the three Ambassador Colleges, the acceptable standards of social behaviour are spelled out in emphatic terms. Standards at these colleges are those of the Creator, designed for our happiness. Students are not left in ignorance of the TRUE VALUES. Students are taught the inexorable Laws of God which REGULATE happiness, well-being, enjoyable living — with no corroding aftertastes!

Shocking Rise in Illegitimate Births

   Illegitimate births, reported above for America, are prolific all over the western world. The London Daily Telegraph, reporting for Great Britain, says: "Illegitimate births now stand at one in six. The figure for London was considerably higher.... Roughly two out of every three babies born to girls of 20 and under are conceived outside marriage."
   I have before me, as I write, a later edition of the London Daily Telegraph for May 20, 1964. A large two-column top-of-the-page headline says: "BIRTH CONTROL ADVICE TO SINGLE GIRLS."
   The story says: "A decision on whether information and advice about contraceptive techniques should be given to single girls by the Family Planning Association will be made at the association's annual meeting in London next month.
   "It is proposed that advice at the association's 413 clinics should be given at the doctor's discretion." The news story states that some of the members are arguing "that probably 'most' people have premarital sexual intercourse. In this case the association should give advice to all who seek it. They believe this would reduce the present high rate of illegitimacy. Abortion, pregnant brides and 'shotgun weddings' could also be reduced."
   The argument, in other words, is this: Since most young people are indulging in premarital sexual intercourse anyway, let's encourage the practice by giving further instruction. The story says the proposal will have it opponents. The proposal is too recent to report here the decision of the annual meeting. But now to return to the earlier report from the Daily Telegraph.
   "Another pointer was the increase of convictions for homosexual offenses. 'The greatest danger facing the health of the nation today is the so-called new morality,' Dr. Ernest Claston, assistant Secretary of the British Medical Association said. 'The moral landslide now undermining our civilization was receiving the sanction of religious leaders. Certain doctors were advocating a new teaching on sex....
   "'Today our nation, with all its prosperity and potentiality, its skills and science, its institutions and inventions, is in greater danger than it has ever been in its long and proud history. The reasons are that it is allowing its grip on moral standards to slacken and that it has no longer an adequate purpose. This is partly due to the failure of leaders who say they do not know what is going on — "I never realized it". Sex has become an obsession and promiscuity a national problem.

Theologians Employ Deceit

   "'But now comes a new and subtle stratagem. From religious bodies emerges a "new morality". You can find this in the Cambridge school of theology, the Quaker report on sex, the Bishop of Woolwich's book "Honest to God", in the so-called South Bank religion, and in broadcasts, speeches and articles.
   "'The subtle and clever thing is that this new morality is induced so plausibly. While appearing to retain traditional virtues, it allows for the exceptional case. So anyone becomes an exception. In the name of compassion, it condones adultery, fornication and sodomy.'"
   There are the conditions as they actually are today.
   And where is the responsibility? It is with the theologians, the doctors, the psychiatrists — the leaders. But most of all, it is with the theologians.
   These theologians masquerade as the ministers of Christ. I will give you, plainly, their true affiliation later. But IF they were the ministers of Christ, it would be their responsibility to be LEADERS, not followers — to cry aloud — lift up their voices — show the people their sins!
   See, now, where even theologians themselves and other officials place the blame — and then we shall see where GOD ALMIGHTY places the guilt!
   I quote again from a report by a Senior Editor for Look:
   Remember, he is quoted above as saying a great majority of Americans, who want to try to live moral lives, no longer can be certain what is right and what is wrong. God is out of the picture. What authority is left? To whom can they turn? The leaders are not telling them the TRUTH!
   "Most Americans," says the Look report, "hate to admit we are in a crisis. But its bitter fruits are all around us: the beatnik, the racist, the wild kid, the price-rigging executive, the pregnant high-school girl, the dope addict, the vandal, the bribed athlete, the un-cared-for aged, the poor, the criminal. Television depicts shoot-'em-up violence as the American way, and the movies uphold stardom as a warrant for four husbands and a lover....
   "In Lansing, Michigan, Governor George Romney says, 'Our greatest danger is the decline in religious conviction and moral character. This is more serious to our future than the external threats we face.'...
   "Since we live in a society without a supreme moral authority"... [and I break in to ask, "WHAT'S HAPPENED TO GOD?"]... "where can we get moral standards? Not from the church, says Dean Samuel Miller of the Harvard Divinity School. 'The church has become almost as monastic as the orders in the Middle Ages. There seems to be no connection between what happens in the church and what happens in society, except that people living in a desperate age use it to tranquilize their disturbing experiences — like some kind of lullaby.'"
   Listeners to The WORLD TOMORROW world-wide radio program, and readers of The PLAIN TRUTH have heard and read, repeatedly, that the "Christianity" of this day seems to have no connection with adherents' social, business, professional or political lives — nothing to do with how we live. The sole mission of the church, as generally conceived, it seems, is — or used to be — merely "to get people 'saved'" — and this consists, ordinarily, of "confessing Christ," "accepting Christ," "making the decision for Christ," or "giving the Lord your heart and the preacher your hand." But most Protestant denominations have turned "modernist" and no longer believe even in "being saved." WHAT HAVE THEY LEFT! Religion has become, as aptly phrased in the above quote, a tranquilizer and a lullaby!
   But to continue the Look report:
   "The churches... have failed to supply moral leadership, and because their responsibility is the greatest, their failure is the worst. Harvard Divinity School's Dean Miller says, 'The church simply does not have a cutting edge'" — it has thrown away the two-edged sword!!! "'It has taken the culture of our time and absorbed it.'...
   "Yale's Chaplain Coffin agrees: 'We churchmen are gifted at changing wine into water — watering down religion. The problem of the church today is ineffectiveness. We've never had attendance so high and influence so low.'"

Shocking 46-Nation Report

   In mid-summer, 1964, the International Planned Parenthood Federation held a Conference at Church House, Westminster, London. It was attended by representatives from 46 nations.
   To say that the report of that congress, published in newspapers throughout the world, was shocking is a gross understatement.
   The London Sunday Times reported that there was general acceptance among most representatives present of premarital sexual intercourse — even involving boys and girls in their early teens!
   The Planned Parenthood associations have been organized to promote the planning and intelligent spacing of children by married people. But unless they are grossly misrepresented by newspaper dispatches, they appear to be more active in disseminating contraceptive techniques to the unmarried than in enlightening married people concerning the intelligent planning of production of offspring.
   There is arising grave concern and fear over the anticipated population explosion during the coming century. These associations, supposedly, are intensely concerned, and are formed for the purpose of regulating the birth rate in order to save civilization.
   But the news that seems to make the headlines concerns their efforts to get contraceptive information to the unmarried adolescents.
   An American delegate said, "We are in the midst of a changing of sex 'mores.'"
   "You can't solve anything by turning the clock back," insisted Dr. Thorsten Sjovall of Sweden. What he means is, the sex-is-sinful repression has been tried for many centuries and found wanting. The world is turning to the "sex-is-virtuous" AMORALITY, regardless of how used — in or out of marriage — heterosexual or homosexual. To turn the clock back would be to go back to the sense of shame and guilt. The Creator's purposes and instruction seem utterly unknown. Therefore, the doctor knows of no solution except to approve immorality.
   The conference brought out vastly different conditions in certain different nations. For example, a fourteen-year-old girl in Sweden is not a whit embarrassed, no matter who sees her, as she abstracts a contraceptive from a slot machine in a public place. But Jordan is a different world. Until recently a fourteen-year-old Arab girl might have been put to death by her parents for having premarital sex relations. However, even in Moslem Jordan, times are changing, moral attitudes are relaxing, although a girl would still risk social disgrace for engaging in premarital sex.
   Iron Curtain country delegates said their sex problems are much the same as elsewhere. "Lovemaking" is encouraged, as long as pregnancy is prevented. In Turkey, 12,000 girls and women a year die from illegal abortions.
   A Danish youth, the Conference was told, recently urged on a television interview that girls of fourteen should be provided with contraceptive means by the school doctors.
   Yet in Italy a young man could be fined for kissing his girl friend in public, and brought into court for being found making love. But in Italy, too, morals are fast beginning to relax. They have merely started in that direction a few years behind such nations as Sweden, the United States, France and Britain.

Violence Accompanies Immorality

   Dr. Sjovall of Sweden was not at all disturbed by the general promiscuous sex immorality in Sweden. This is merely termed "emancipation." But he was quite concerned at the increase of violence and belligerence-teens "shoving their weight around" — and organized riots. Dr. Sjovall ought to observe the facts! The violence, the disrespect for authority, the riots, the rise in juvenile crime, has directly accompanied moral laxity and sex promiscuity! They go hand in hand!
   Dr. A. Guttmacher is president of the Planned Parenthood World Population Federation. He mentioned that a fifth of United States brides are pregnant before marriage, and for teen-agers the ratio is two out of every five. In view of this, he foresees a decline in opposition from churches and parent groups.
   "Parents, themselves," he said, "are becoming more sophisticated. They know, for example, that their son and daughter must go to college equipped with contraceptives. So long as they are taught responsibility to each other I think some better humans may come out of this 'new morality.' Hypocrisy is going under." In other words, teenagers don't have to hide or pretend — they can commit fornication more openly.
   Such quotations should give the reader a better idea of professional "thinking" along the lines of morality today!
   In attendance was Frau Volker from Germany, mother of two boys. When she attended her first family planning conference ten years ago, she was shocked by the frank acceptance of premarital sex, especially by the Americans and Swedes.
   "Through my clinic, I have ceased to be shocked," said Frau Volker. "I now accept that girls go to bed with boys, either because it is the fashion, or because they do not want to lose a friend. The problem we have to tackle is that 70% of our marriages are now due to pregnancy."
   This German mother did not consider promiscuous teenage fornication a problem. The problem was lack of contraceptive protection against premarital pregnancies!
   Many members of the Planned Parenthood Federation are going to read this book. I wish they could open their eyes to the fact that, in their acceptance of premarital sexual intercourse, they are influencing an increase in the birth rate among unmarried adolescents, rather than regulating and retarding the birth rate among the married.
   Statistics seem to show that contraceptive education of juveniles is not decreasing premarital pregnancies!
   Even in marriage, contraceptive knowledge does not prevent pregnancies unless there is vigilance. Even among married people, possessing contraceptive knowledge, and planning at the time to avoid pregnancy, carelessness is producing a bumper crop of "accidents." If carelessness in the use of contraceptives on the part of the married is resulting in so many pregnancies, how much more will be the exposure to pregnancy under the conditions to which the unmarried must resort!

Who Is to Blame?

   This chapter could continue on and on, ad infinitum. There is no end of accounts, reports, and news of today's widespread and still spreading moral degeneracy.
   But where is the blame?
   I can state it in two ways: 1) Few realize that God Almighty foretold these very conditions 2,500 years ago and more, and that the Eternal Himself places the blame in plain and unmistakable terms! In the following chapter, I intend to show you precisely what the Creator says, and where He fixes the guilt. 2) This world-calamity has befallen mankind because of a lack of the TRUE AND WHOLE KNOWLEDGE REVEALED BY THE CREATOR OF SEX! The guilt is placed by the Creator on those who profess to represent HIM, but have turned their backs on His knowledge, and His Message to the people, and disseminated lies in the guise of truth!
   Then, after that, I propose to proclaim to those who will read, and heed, the TRUTH OF GOD in respect to sex.
   God created sex. God designed sex anatomy. God designed and created the nervous, emotional, and psychic systems, all of which combine to put POWER and intense drives into sex functions. What God designed, created, and set into living motion is VERY GOOD! God made this to be put to a right, a clean, a healthy, a moral and a spiritual USE! But He also endowed man with the power of free choice, and the ability to pervert, misdirect and misuse what He made for man's good!
   What was designed to make possible the highest physical blessings, man has polluted and turned into his greatest physical CURSES!
   MAN seeks FREEDOM in reverse! Instead of freedom from curses, he seeks freedom for the perversions, the dissipations, the illicit and evil acts that produce curses! There is a great difference between freedom to commit sin, and the FREEDOM FROM SIN, which Jesus Christ gave His life to make possible. You need to ask: Just what do you mean — FREEDOM?

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Publication Date: 1964
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