Ascent to Greatness
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Ascent to Greatness

Table of Contents:

Book I

Chapter One:
America at the Pinnacle

Chapter Two:
Struggle in Europe

Chapter Three:
Showdown with Spain

Chapter Four:
England Explores America

Chapter Five:
America's Struggle for Independence

Chapter Six:
America's Founding Fathers

Chapter Seven:
Forging a Stronger Union

Chapter Eight:
The U.S. Coat of Arms, Seal, Flag and Motto

Chapter Nine:
The Great Expansion

Chapter Ten:
"Manifest Destiny"

Book II

Chapter Eleven:
America's Greatest President

Chapter Twelve:
America's Bloody Civil War

Chapter Thirteen:
The Rising Colossus

Chapter Fourteen:
The Industrial Giant

Chapter Fifteen:
America's Most Dynamic President

Chapter Sixteen:
World War I Engulfs the Globe

Chapter Seventeen:
Between the Two World Wars

Book III

Chapter Eighteen:
The Rise of Hitler

Chapter Nineteen:
"Steel and Fire"

Chapter Twenty:
The Darkest Days

Chapter Twenty-One:
The Great Crusade

Chapter Twenty-Two:
War in the Pacific

Book IV

Chapter Twenty-Three:
Out of the Ashes

Chapter Twenty-Four:
The Korean War

Chapter Twenty-Five:
The Deadly Cuban Missile Crisis

Chapter Twenty-Six:
The Vietnam Debacle

Chapter Twenty-Seven:
Groping for Peace

Chapter Twenty-Eight:
America Versus Russia

Book V

Chapter Twenty-Nine:
America's Lost Virginity

Chapter Thirty:
The Watergate Syndrome

Chapter Thirty-One:
From Space to Race

Chapter Thirty-Two:
Democracy Versus Communism

Chapter Thirty-Three:
America, America

Declaration of Independence
Presidential Proclamations


   I wish to convey my deep appreciation to all those who have, in one way or another, helped to make it possible for me to publish this book.
   Firstly, I desire to acknowledge the able assistance 1 have received from William F. Dankenbring — who has given many helpful suggestions, criticisms, editorial comments, and has also encouraged me from the beginning to tho end of the monumental task which I undertook.
   Also, I would like to express my thanks for the untiring efforts which Ron Taylor summoned in order to produce the excellent jacket, the cover, maps, charts, etc. He was assisted in the task of producing the maps by Hoy Lepeska.
   It is also only fitting that I give full credit for the painstaking and excellent work which Peter Moore did in helping to edit this work.
   Many others gave valuable assistance in editing, photography, typing, etc It is impossible to list. all of those who helped, but I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to the following persons:
   Tom Adams, Dibar Apart.ian, Sydney Attenborough, Jim Church, Graham Davies, Ken Evans, Barry Gridley, Dr. Herman L. Hoeh, John Hopkinson, John Livingston, Burk Mellair, Carl MeNair, Rod Meredith, Larry Miller, Cheryl Pearce, Hazel Roberts, .Iohn R. Schroeder, Roy Schultz, Earl Sixt, Sandy Smith, Larry Torno, Leon Walker, Warren Watson.

In loving memory of my sister
Margie Helen Meredith
To my two wonderful children
Ruth Angelyn
Bruce David Andrew
Raymond Joseph

    Those who tell the Americans of the future what the Americans of today lind of yesterday have done will perforce tell much that is unpleasant. Nevertheless, when the tale is finally told, I believe that it will show that the forces working for good in our national life outweigh the forces working for evil, and that, with many blunders and shortcomings, with much halting and turning aside from the path, we shall yet in the end prove our faith by our works, and show in our lives our belief that righteousness exalteth a nation.

— 'Theodore Roosevelt

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Publication Date: 1976
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