Now Revealed: The True History of the Early Christian Church
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Now Revealed: The True History of the Early Christian Church


   In the world today there are 961,122,000 professing Christians.1 "Christianity" is by far the LARGEST single religion on earth. Islam, the second largest, is not half as big.
   But how many in the Western world, which calls itself "Christian," understand what REAL CHRISTIANITY is? How many really KNOW the PLAIN TRUTH about the foundation of the Christian religion?
   Amazingly few have ever realized the TRUE BEGINNINGS OF CHRISTIANITY!
   What was the world like over 1900 year ago? Just how did Christianity get started? Why does the church in the book of Acts seem so different from the denominations today?
   Was the message of Christ and the Apostles the same one that is taught in today's churches? This is the really important question.
   These queries can all be answered by understanding the TRUE BEGINNING of the church founded by Jesus Christ and the entire scope of the first century of the Christian era.
   Amazing though it may seem, the world which calls itself "Christian" is divided into over four hundred DIFFERENT denominations, organizations, splits, schisms, and sects—each claiming to be the original church founded by Jesus Christ.
   There is a way you can know for certain how to find the true followers of Christ. The answers are all revealed and recorded in the Bible and in secular history during the FOUNDATION YEARS of God's Church.
   The purpose of this thesis is to make plain and to reveal the FACTS of Jesus Christ's birth and life and to make plain how to understand early CHURCH HISTORY.
   Concerning the last years of the first century, church historians admit:

The remaining thirty years of the first century are involved in mysterious darkness, illuminated only by the writings of John. This is the period of church history about which we know least and would like to know most. This period is the favorite field for ecclesiastical fables and critical conjectures.2
   No longer do we need conjecture. The history of the first century can now be revealed.
   You will see how the world was prepared in advance BY THE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO RULES SUPREME IN THE HEAVENS. You will understand the true Gospel preached by Christ and His apostles, and you will see the true establishment of His Church.
   But, you will also see the world was prepared for a great false religious system. A false system which for more than 1,900 years has been masquerading under the title of "Christianity." Understanding the background of God's preparation and the rise of a great FALSE CONSPIRACY will provide the key to unlock the understanding of all Church history over the past 1,900 years.
   You will be able to understand the teachings of true Christianity and the guidelines by which you can prove where God's true Church has been throughout history and WHERE IT IS TODAY.

Introduction - Footnotes

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   2. Schaff, History of the Christian Church, p. 196.

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Publication Date: May 1967
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