The Plain Truth about the Protestant Reformation
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The Plain Truth about the Protestant Reformation

Table of Contents:

Chapter I
   The Right Perspective
   The Protestant Aims
   Was God's True Church "Reformed"?
   Today's "Christendom"

Chapter II
   Christianity After the Death of the Apostles
   Early Apostasy
   Some Continue Apostolic Practice
   The Development of the Catholic Church
   Corruption and Moral Decay
   Catholicism in Power
   The Culmination and Decline of Papal Prestige

Chapter III
   Precursors of the Reformation
   The Work of John Wyclif
   The Hussite Revival
   Jerome Savonarola

Chapter IV
   Immediate Causes of the Reformation
   Political and Financial Causes for Reform
   The Renaissance
   Religious Abuses Calling For Reform
   The Debauched Clergy
   Had God's True Church Become Corrupted?

Chapter V
   Luther's Revolt Against Rome
   Luther's Early Life
   Luther's Own Spiritual Upheaval
   Luther Felt Unable to Obey God
   His Disillusionment With the Papacy
   The Heart of Luther's Theology
   The Doctrine of Indulgences
   The Indulgence for St. Peter's in Rome
   Luther's Final Break With Rome

Chapter VI
   The Beginning of Lutheranism
   Luther's Doctrinal Development
   Luther at Worms and at the Wartburg
   Continuing Reformation at Wittenberg
   Carlstadt's Reforms
   Luther's Alliance with the Princes
   A Rift in Luther's Party
   The Peasants' War
   Luther Advocates Violent Suppression
   The Division of Germany

Chapter VII
   The Growth of Lutheranism
   Protestants Acknowledge Their Unity with Roman System
   Luther Now Urges War
   Luther Condones Bigamy
   Now Luther Counsels a Lie
   Luther's Death
   The Reformation Settlement

Chapter VIII
   The Zwinglian Reform
   Zwingli's Doctrinal Development
   Rapid Changes Occur
   Zwingli's Basic Doctrinal Position
   The Controversy Over the Lord's Supper
   The Final Meeting of Luther and Zwingli
   Zwingli's Death
   Why Zwingli Died in Battle

Chapter IX
   The Reformation Under John Calvin
   Calvin's "Institutes"
   Calvin's Doctrinal Position Examined
   Calvin's Idea of Predestination
   Calvin at Geneva
   Calvin's Return to Geneva
   The Calvinistic Discipline
   Calvin's Last Days
   Calvin's Death and the Spread of His Doctrines

Chapter X
   The English Revolt
   King Henry VIII
   The Marriage Question
   The Break with Rome
   Theological Developments
   King Henry's Marital Escapades
   Protestantism Advanced Under Edward VI
   Bloody Queen Mary's Reign
   English Protestantism Established

Chapter XI
   The Bible and the Reformation
   Nationalism and Lust
   Violent Methods of the Reformers
   The Burning of Michael Servetus
   Did Calvin Act in Haste or Ignorance?
   The Reason for Protestant Violence and Persecutions
   Protestant Contradictions
   Rejecting or Distorting Scripture
   The Protestants Followed Rome
   God Identifies the Catholic Church
   The Prophecy Fulfilled
   The Protestant Movement Identified
   The Real Meaning of the Reformation


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Publication Date: May 1956
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