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Why was Potiphar's house and field blessed?
Joseph was in charge.

Genesis 39:5

Did You Ever PROVE whether the Bible is INSPIRED?
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1956
Volume: Vol XXI, No.3
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Did You Ever PROVE whether the Bible is INSPIRED?

Many assume divine revelation without PROOF. Others scoff. Here is a blistering challenge. Here is astonishing PROOF. Have you ever stopped to really prove whether or not the Bible is divinely inspired by a Creator? Would you be able scientifically to prove whether or not this world's best seller and most-read book is an actual revelation from the Supreme Creator to mankind? I am going to give you the proof. And I am going to tell the skeptics how to disprove the Bible, if it's not inspired, and how to disprove the very existence of God, IF THERE IS NO GOD.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1956Vol XXI, No.3