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On Pentecost what happened when the disciples were filled with the holy spirit?
They spoke in other tongues.

Acts 2:4
They Didn't Believe What He Said
Youth Magazine
September 1984
Volume: Vol. IV No. 8
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They Didn't Believe What He Said

The more I travel around the earth, the more I see the sickening conditions in the world today and the more I glean from history, the more convinced I become that the real root cause of all of humanity's troubles and evils may be summed up in six words: "They didn't believe what He said," And they still don't believe what He says today! Suppose you had suddenly come into consciousness - just now having been suddenly created the first human being. Your Maker is sitting beside you, revealing to you vital knowledge so direly necessary for you to know. He tells you that He has made you and the wife He has created beside you so that you can reproduce your kind. In due time you will populate the earth with millions of your offspring.

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Youth MagazineSeptember 1984Vol. IV No. 8