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Who am I: I was an early version of the combine harvester. My great grandson was King David. My relationship with my mother-in-law was very good. It has to be said that my courting methods were somewhat different.

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Telecast Date: February 15, 1984
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You live in a world that is now in its final crisis, a world that is leading to its final doom believe it or not, let me repeat once again, the atomic scientists have now set the Doomsday Clock forward one more minute from four to only three minutes to midnight and in their judgment they say that we're just that close to the end of this world, they know that the weapons now exist can blast all humanity out of existence and I want to tell you that most people in this world are asleep to conditions. I just returned from a trip through New Zealand, Australia and several countries in South Eastern Asia and I find so many of the people over there seem to think that they're so far away from the Western world in things that they're not concerned about nuclear warfare...

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Telecast Date: February 15, 1984