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Who am I: I was an early version of the combine harvester. My great grandson was King David. My relationship with my mother-in-law was very good. It has to be said that my courting methods were somewhat different.

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The Plain Truth - 50 Years of Understanding
Telecast Date: January 16, 1984
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I mentioned before that the Doomsday Clock has been set up by the atomic scientists from four to only three minutes before midnight, more and more millions of people are becoming seriously alarmed, the unthinkable is now very thinkable and very eminent, world leaders are perplexed and many of them are frankly worried, they have no solutions, they don't know how to stop it, they don't know how to solve the problem and if nuclear war should be started even by some small nation, they say it would be impossible to stop it, it will go from one to another and it could blast all human life on the face of the earth out of existence, that's your life and mine...

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Telecast Date: January 16, 1984