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Many of the Kings of Ireland, Scotland and England have been coronated over a stone which rests in the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. What is the name of this stone?
Jacob's pillar stone or the Stone of Scone, or the Stone of Destiny.

Genesis 28:18

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Dear Mr. Armstrong
Youth Magazine Staff  

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of Youth 81. I read through the whole magazine and I think it's just fantastic. I'm sure that all the youths receiving it will definitely think the same. Mr. Armstrong, thank you very much for everything you've done for the youths in God's Church. Youth 81 will no doubt give guidance to us and help us make wise, proper and right decisions as we get older. The page on dating was quite fascinating to me. The "what to dos" and "what not to dos" [January] were quite a wonderful lesson for me because now I do know how to have a successful date.

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