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Who climbed a tree to see Jesus?

Luke 19:2-4

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Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

I have written of the Seven Laws of SUCCESS. They are really the seven laws of LIFE. Most people do not know or practice or apply a single one of them. The first is to have the RIGHT GOAL. That goal involves realizing the PURPOSE of your life - the reason why God had you to be born - the reason you draw breath and exist - and it involves realizing HOW to live this temporary existence so as to arrive at that goal. That GOAL - God's PURPOSE for having put the breath of life in you - is that you be born of GOD, to share with Him the GLORY of creation, to inherit His divine NATURE, to be LIKE HIM - to do what He does, to accomplish what He accomplishes, enjoy what He ENJOYS - peace, happiness, joy, resplendent glory in LIFE EVERLASTING.

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