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From what did Israel make water bags or bags for storage?
Goat or sheep skins.

Are Christians Again to be Martyred?
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1939
Volume: Vol IV, No.4
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Are Christians Again to be Martyred?

Will The MARK OF THE BEAST be used to afflict - even to KILL many Christians, here in America? Here is an amazing revelation, from Bible prophecy, of events certain to occur in the immediate future! Just imagine - if you can - a time when Christians will be MARTYRED within the United States - and within the very next few years!! Imagine - if you can laws being passed in this Country, perhaps before another presidential term is completed, pronouncing the death sentence upon good and upright and sincere people for no greater crime than holding to the plain Word of God - believing, and living by, the plain, simple commands of the Bible which express God's way of true righteousness! In this fair land where citizens so prize the principles of freedom of speech and freedom to worship God according to the dictates of free conscience, such an eventuality seems absurd - impossible! And yet - is it? Might it happen? Is such a terrible thing prophesied in the Bible?

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1939Vol IV, No.4