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How long was David king of Israel?
40 years.

II Samuel 5:4

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The Wonderful World Tomorrow - and You

In this talk with our Youth 85 readers I want to say something about the many letters we have received from those who have read the exciting book The Wonderful World Tomorrow - What It Will Be Like - since it was first published nearly 20 years ago. All but a few - from nearly 1.5 million mailed out in the United States alone have been enthusiastic, elated, inspired to know what a WONDERFUL world is soon to be ours. I wish ALL OF YOU could realize that this wonderful coming world IS REAL - and most of you will be in it. I hope, either as one of it changed IMmortals or as a much privileged human pioneer. It's not only - REAL, it is coming SOON - possibly (I do not set dates) in perhaps 10 years! Yes, very possibly that soon!

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