Plain Truth Magazine
June 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.1
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The most important event for humanity in eighteen hundred years is occurring today as prophesied! This is a terrible world, today! God defying Russia juggernauting on to rule the world - or destroy it! The hellish H-bomb is here! Cold war. Hot wars. Yes, war - and FEAR OF WAR that can wipe human life from the earth! It's all PROPHESIED! But WHY? Why does God allow such chaos? WHY did He foretell it? All these tremendous world events are merely the climax of a system men have been allowed to build up on the earth the "kosmos" - this present evil world. It is part of the working out of GOD'S PURPOSE here below! It is the CRISIS at the close of this age - this world! Yet, unnoticed by the powers of this world, is occurring now a FAR MORE IMPORTANT event for the future of mankind than any of these political and military movements that fill front pages and newscasts. This, too, God has foretold! It is of vital concern to YOU!

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1953Vol XVIII, No.1