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Why Does God Allow WAR?
Plain Truth Magazine
November-December 1955
Volume: Vol XX, No.9
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Why Does God Allow WAR?

Why, if God is a God of love, does He allow human suffering and anguish such as we witness today? Yes, it has puzzled a great many people. Why, if there be a God, does God allow wars and all this hellish anguish that our generation has been living through? Why such terrifying world conditions as we have now? I've been asked this question more often than any other. It is usually put to me this way: "If God is good, if God is love, if God is merciful, He wouldn't want people to suffer like they do on this earth, would He? And if God is all mighty, if He has all power, He could stop it. He could prevent it. Then why doesn't He?" How does it come that God allows people to suffer? Think of the famine, the starvation over in China and India.

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember-December 1955Vol XX, No.9