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Who is the ultima authority in a clan of families in Israel?
The head father.

Will GERMAN Rearmament Stop Russia?
Good News Magazine
April 1952
Volume: Vol II, No. 4
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Will GERMAN Rearmament Stop Russia?

American leaders have decided that Germany must be rearmed to save the world! Can Germany be trusted with a gun? Here's what prophecy says! COMMUNISM is spreading in Asia. Fear is gripping the world. Billions of American tax dollars - your tax dollars are being spent toward military and economic aid in Asia and Europe. Germany as to be rearmed! But Communism continues to engulf the entire Orient. These are foreboding signs of world disaster. How YOU and your family will spend the remaining years of your lives depends on the management of the present world struggle. Yet the stark truth is that Western leaders, in whose hands your future rests do NOT understand the significance of the desperate action they are employing to defeat Communism - the rearmament of Germany. The Two Great Questions. Here are the two questions of the hour that all of us must face: (1) Can the USA create the kind of power, before it is too late, that will crush Russia's bid for world rule? (2) Can the English-speaking world guide and direct the gigantic military machine being built in Europe against the Soviet Union?

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Good News MagazineApril 1952Vol II, No. 4