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Tito Forms Startling Alliance
Good News Magazine
April 1953
Volume: Vol III, No. 4
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Tito Forms Startling Alliance

Because of the death of Dictator Stalin, very significant news is going unnoticed. After months of deliberation a Defense Pact has been signed between Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey. It is formed to curb the expansion of Russian moves in the Eastern Mediterranean. HOW will this new alliance affect American defense plans and European unity? Has Tito really become an ally of the West or is he plotting to build a THIRD FORCE in Europe to counterbalance East and West? STALIN is dead! What's going to happen from now on? The world was momentarily stunned by the news that the iron-fisted Dictator of Russia met sudden death, but our leaders are beginning to realize that RUSSIAN POLICIES HAVE NOT CHANGED Communistic Russia still intends to conquer the world.

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Good News MagazineApril 1953Vol III, No. 4