Good News Magazine
December 1955
Volume: Vol V, No. 5
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Can YOU afford the joyous privilege of attending God's annual festivals? Here is the answer to the question we promised you at the Feast of Tabernacles! HOW joyous the recent Feast of Tabernacles was! What a tremendous inspiration and blessing it was to attend! How much more real meaning there is in the annual festivals God has ordained than in the continual round of holidays the children of this world are busy observing. Most of you brethren know this - because you have attended God's annual festivals before. And you have undoubtedly compared them with this world's holidays. No comparison, is there? No, because God's annual holy days point out - step by step - the great PLAN of God and His method of working out that plan. But the holidays of this babylonish world picture only a false Christ and a counterfeit plan of salvation devised by Satan the Devil!

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Good News MagazineDecember 1955Vol V, No. 5