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Daniel 2

Feast of Tabernacles - 1967
Good News Magazine
April 1967
Volume: Vol XVI, No. 4
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Feast of Tabernacles - 1967

Preparations rush forward for the 1967 Feast of Tabernacles. New innovations and a NEW area will make this year's Feast again - THE BEST EVER. MR. PAUL ROYER, Festival coordinator, and I have just returned from another important trip to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania - site number five for God's Annual Feast of Tabernacles in the U. S. Although there are still six months to Festival time, my heart is in my throat thinking of the monumental preparation and work yet to be accomplished there. With God's help - and yours - we will accomplish it, however.

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Good News MagazineApril 1967Vol XVI, No. 4