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   The World Tomorrow. Ambassador College presents Garner Ted Armstrong, bringing you the plain truth about today's world news and the prophecies of the World Tomorrow.

   And greeting friends around the world, this is Garner Ted Armstrong with the good news of the World Tomorrow.

   But why are so many lives empty in the world today? Why, in a time of burgeoning prosperity, good times, material wealth, are so many in spiritual poverty? What a world it is with worried people, mental cases, frustration, shattered dreams and plans, empty lives, and yet the world seems to be on a pleasure binge, especially here in the United States and some of the other Western countries and even more today, increasingly in some of the Western nations of Europe.

   And yet all the while we're enjoying the materialism and on a pleasure binge, seeking happiness and pleasure, trying to get away from the terrible strife of the potential destruction of all humankind or the beginning of a III World War, a nuclear bomb war, trying to live our lives to the full, burning the candle at both ends, enjoying it while we may. Yes, we're on a pleasure binge. But all the while apprehensively looking over our shoulders, wondering when the end of it all is going to come.

   But it seems so many do not know the purpose in life or how to be happy, how to live, or even why they're living? Well, what about it? What about you analyzing your own private situation for a moment? Do you have just the job you've always wanted? That is if you wanted to work in the first place. Are you living in just a home you always wanted? Is it in just exactly the town or the city or in the location on just the right hill or the right slope in that town or city? And the environment in which you always wanted to live? Is it just the way you wanted it to be designed?

   You live in the state, in the nation, or even on the continent for that matter that you've always wanted to live on? Are you married to just the ideal mate? Did your marriage work out just the way you always dreamed it would? You remember when as a young boy or a girl, you used to dream about the mates you were going to marry, about the trips you were going to take, about the things you were going to do, about maybe the car you were going to drive, that horse you wanted to own or the world of fulfillment of all of these many childhood dreams.

   Now, did it turn out that way? And, by the way, are those dreams so bad after all? Are those things usually that most teenagers dream about so bad? Are they so wrong? Are they terrible things that people shouldn't have? Would it be wrong to have your marriage work out just the way you dreamed it would? Well, what about it? Are you really just brimful with happiness? Running over with joy, having a life filled with interest, joy, elation, a sense of accomplishment because of what you're producing.

   Do you have a deep sense of full satisfaction in your life? Are you really successful, successful in your job, successful in your marriage, successful in your child-rearing or whatever it might be? Have you got just the circle of friends you've always wanted? You couldn't have any finer friends if you searched the world over. Have you traveled like you always wanted to do? Seen the things, been the places, done the things you've always dreamed about?

   Well, no, no, not very many of you ever have now, have you? Oh, some few. But you know, even those people don't have the peace of mind, they don't have the sense of accomplishment, the sense of purpose, and those who are perhaps enjoying a certain measure of material wealth, here, right at this moment still have empty lives and their own frustrations and unhappiness.

   Well, now why is it all anyhow? You don't believe it or not striking though it might sound to you. The answer to all these problems is found in your Bible. And it's not just a positive thought for you to take, it's not a religious tranquilizer, it's not a new philosophy to give you some kind of hope. This is not some, well psychological panacea or some new way of thinking positive thoughts so you can get yourself out of your troubles or enjoy life more at all.

   But in your Bible is the explanation, is the cause, the real source of all of your troubles. And in your Bible is found the way out of those troubles, be they physical or mental, financial or spiritual, temporal or eternal.

   So, take a look at the world today and at yourself in it. Take a good look, and perhaps there's no better place to take a look than right over in the prophecy in II Timothy, the third chapter, and beginning in the first verse (II Timothy 3:1), where the Apostle Paul, looking on over beyond his day into our time right now, was prophesying of just this type of situation. He said, and let's see if his words have come to pass. Let's see if the Bible knew what it was talking about. And, by the way, if you haven't yet written for our amazing book, "The Proof of the Bible," then do so right away. I may not remember to announce that again at the close of this broadcast. Write for that book on The Proof of the Bible and get it cleared up once and for all. Well, the Apostle Paul wrote under inspiration. And he said this, know also that in the last days, and believe it or not, any way you want to slice it, we're living in those times. He said in the last days, perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves.

   Now, is that true today? What about Castro? What about some of the leaders of government? Are they lovers of their own selves, or are they the great magnanimous benevolent heads of government that are doing everything but giving their own shirt off their back for the sake of the peoples under them? Well, what about Joe Blow the private citizen, John Q public, the man on the street? Is he a lover of himself? What about the line standing, watching the parade go by? Oh, it's all happiness on the first draw. But what about those that can't see so good in the background? Do they gripe a little at the ones standing ahead of them? What about people in the traffic jams on our freeways and cluttered crowded highways today? Are men lovers of their own selves?

   What about that report I gave you in a recent program about a consensus from quite a number of modern young executives in management in the United States, all of whom with the exception of one said they got where they were by cheating. They got where they were by pulling strings, by tricking the rug out from under the boss, by perhaps bribery or some dishonest method. And the one who said that he had not done it and wouldn't do it dishonestly said he realized he was being a little bit naive. Well, now, what about it? Are men today lovers of their own selves? Isn't that pretty much just the expression of human nature? Your Bible says in Romans eight and verse seven (Romans 8:7), the carnal mind is enmity against God. It is not subject to the laws of God, neither indeed can be. Well, that's just the way it is today. The carnal mind is that kind of a mind that loves its own self and puts itself first and foremost above everything else. And that's part of the source of our trouble.

   Now, let's go on and notice he said it would be a time when men would be lovers of their own selves, covetous. And that, of course, is one of the greatest sins today on a par. Your Bible says with idolatry. But now, what does that mean? Why do I talk about sin? Why do I say it's a sin or not? Does it make any difference? How do you categorize these different thoughts or facets of human nature? I say that's the greatest sin. Well, what does that mean to most people? A sin? Sin? What's that? What difference does it make? A lot of people want to know? Well, now, let me tell you something. There are in motion today laws.

   Now you've got to go in accordance with all those laws, even to move about normally as a human being in your daily way of living: the laws of inertia, the laws of gravity, the laws of physics, of chemistry, and science laws which regulate our environment.

   So that's the type of law I'm talking about. Now, you know, when Newton came along and well codified or put into language the law of gravity and decided that there was a law of a gravitational pull of the earth which kept us all affixed here. Be we in China or the United States, did Newton usher into being that law? No, of course not. He merely categorized it. Well, now, is that law in action? Oh, yes, it is. I can drop a book and it might make quite a noise over the microphone. You can jump a little bit. We have our high jumpers now going up into a very good distance, well over seven feet. Today we've got pole vaulters going up over 16 ft. All that is, is men trying by various means to resist the law of gravity. So, of course, there is a real dynamic living force that is in motion with regard to the law of gravity. Is there not? Yes, there certainly is, but you can't see it. But you know it acts, you know it's there, and you know that if you fall down, you're able to hurt yourself. If you jump out of a building or off of a high place, you're liable to hurt yourself.

   Well, now, what about it? God's spiritual laws are exactly that way. They are codified. That didn't by itself bring them into being. They were in being from Adam to Moses. And of course, most people have never known that they're not the laws of Moses. They're the laws of God given through Moses in the hands of angels, as the Apostle Paul said in the book of Galatians. Now, you need to look into that by writing for an article that we have for you on, Where The Ten Commandments In Force Before Moses? But I wanted to take time in this program to deviate just that much to explain this briefly.

   What do I mean to come on the air and talk to you about sin one way or the other? Is that just because, well, you see, if you are a minister, you're supposed to talk about sin, is that the reason I'm doing it? No, because you see sin is the breaking of God's spiritual laws. And those laws are just as much in force and in motion and in action as any law of chemistry, physics, or science, as long as it is a real law. They're just as binding as the law of gravity. And when you break those laws through covetousness, through disobedience in any way to the laws of God, you've got to suffer not only an eternal but an immediate penalty unless it's repented of, unless you discontinue that sin, unless you repent of it, get it under the blood of Christ, and then don't do it anymore.

   That's why I mention it is a sin because a lot of your miseries and your frustrations and your worries and your shattered dreams and your problems in your marriage, your job, your physical health, and your mental worries are the direct result of broken laws, be they spiritual or physical. You break laws against your own body. You're going to suffer. You break laws that God has set in motion to regulate a sound, stable mind, and you're going to suffer. You break God's spiritual laws, you're going to suffer. That's all there is to it.

   But now, what's that? Something to make you unhappy? How many of you go around just bending your back, dragging your feet, just griping all day long because you can't jump 30 ft at a time? Now, doesn't that sound silly? Why would you want to do that just to get somewhere faster? Well, of course, people want to drive faster, jump farther, and so on, but it's a challenge and they accept it as such. They're not griping about the law of gravity. You don't go around with your back bent thinking, oh, woe is me. I wish this law of gravity didn't hold me to the earth. You're just pretty thankful for it, or you'd go hurtling off out into space. So, the laws of God are designed for our good so that we can live in the environment God has given us and we can enjoy it and we can be happy in it and we can really live according to it. And all the laws of God are designed to give us everything we ought to have, everything that is good for us.

   Well, now let's notice, God said one of the major prevalent facets of our up-to-the-minute modern society would be covetousness, desiring that which we don't have, wanting that which we probably shouldn't have, haven't earned, and don't deserve. He went on to say we would be boasters, proud, oh are we ever, blasphemers. And it's so common today in public conveyances, public places, in the theater, even more and more in motion pictures and over the air. Why today it seems to be average, common, normal, and expected to just curse the air blue, taking the name of Christ and of God and every other filthy, evil word all put together mixed in with those names of God and of Christ.

   Oh, yes. It seems to be common on average today. Why anyone would think of doing that. But it seems to be so strange that when you hear of Christ spoken of in a religious sense that you almost want to turn your radio down, why most of you would be ashamed to walk the streets, carrying a Bible, as I've said before. Well, that's the way we are. That's the way humankind is today. We like to kid ourselves. We're religious. 90 some percent of all Americans claim they believe in God. But how many of them really let that belief carry over into their business while a good whacking resounding 54% or more say that they don't believe that religion has anything whatsoever to do with their way of living with their job, with their home.

   Well, then what good is their religion? If it doesn't apply for just kind of a nice sweet thought. You know, you can think thoughts all your life and as long as you don't convey those thoughts into action, it doesn't do you one bit of good. Well, now he went on to say that they would be disobedient to parents and we're living in the time of unprecedented juvenile delinquency and youthful violence. Unthankful verse two, chapter three of II Timothy (II Timothy 3:2). And what, maybe that's one of the greatest sins of all today. Is the lack of gratitude, no thankfulness for that, which we do have, people who are dissatisfied who aren't happy with their own private state, their own state of affairs, their own possessions, their own private situation, not thankful for what they've got unholy. He said, without natural affection, all our true and true in two ways, in the first place, no natural affection among ourselves. As brother to brother in a natural normal way of just humankind getting along together.

   You can have a man from a certain portion of the south that will visit the north and you'll drive along. You'll wave to someone and the poor fellow in the north will think he's crazy. And what's the matter with that fellow? I know. I never cease to be amazed. I'd go down into the southern portions of the United States and people walking on the streets will nod, wave to you as you go by, you can drive along your car and someone's walking along or maybe approaching in another car and he'll wave or tip his hat, you know, just a custom down there. But I think some southerners when they get up in the northern states and some of the big cities I think they'd be looked at as if they're quite strange. Weird. What's the matter bud? You're a tourist.

   You know, if you tip your hat and say hello to someone, it's, they're not sure what you're trying to do whether you're trying to pull a stick up or you're trying to get something from him or something. Well, there's another way too that people are without natural affection today and that way is explained in an article on the Plain Truth About Queer Man and your Bible speaks plainly about it in the first chapter and the second chapter of the book of Romans where Almighty God said that would be a prevalent condition today without natural affection but with unnatural perverted affection.

   Yes, it's a problem. Most people like to kid themselves it doesn't exist, but they are kidding themselves. And they know it. Well, are these factors of our day? Are these factors of our times? Are these the curses that are on the earth today? They most certainly are. You couldn't find a better description of the times in which we're living. Well, let's go on and notice some of our scriptures. Notice in verse three, then in the third chapter of II Timothy (II Timothy 3:3), he said, false accusers. Well, he also said truth breakers and then incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good.

   Oh, that's not in the vogue today. That's not the best. You're not supposed to be good. It's better to be bad. People say I'm no saint. You know, I'm no angel, I'm there. Right? Proud of it.

   Well, now, why is there some sin? Is some horrible, despicable type of thing to be good, to have right standards, to have a real good standard of living, to be an obedient sort of a person, to be respectful of your elders and of the property and the lives of other people? Well, apparently in our beatnik, kind of mixed up upside-down hodgepodge of confused society today, that's quite a terrible stigma for someone to be good. Little children are taught that it's better to be bad, aren't they? At least it seems they are because a lot of the cereals and comic strips portray that the best way to be is to have a colic in the back of your head and act like the biggest smart alec on the face of the earth to your neighbors, steal their property, disobey, and talk back to your parents. So, all the little children think, well, that must be just the way to be.

   You know, we're a pretty foolish sort of people when you take a good look at us in the light of the word of God, aren't we? Just take a look at us. Take a good long look. That's what we're doing on this program at the world, now, maybe you're not like this, maybe you're totally different. But let's notice he went on to say, traitors, petty, high-minded, lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God. Oh, how true is that today? Lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God. And we're on a pleasure binge. And today the sales of all the various equipment and facilities for sports and for that type of thing are burgeoning and booming ahead as never before.

   Today, it seems the highways are absolutely loaded with people trundling along with their trailers and campers and their boats and the like, and private airplane sales are leaping and skyrocketing, and boats and all types of equipment such as that are just leaping ahead. Of course, people are sharing the ownership with maybe a store or a couple of free finance companies because of course, they had an original mortgage on the thing. And then someone else came along and said, you can probably pay the whole thing, borrow money, and get lower payments to boot. But they put their grandchildren in heart to do it. Well, here we are on a pleasure binge. He says, lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God. Now most people would hustle like, like they thought their lives depended on it to get out to the golf course. But do you think they hurry that fast to church? Well, you know, that's what God said.

   He just said it would be that way, having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. From such turn away almighty God through the pen of the Apostle Paul then prophesized of these times in which we're living and he really gave them an accurate descriptive detail. He really knew what he was talking about and this was written hundreds of years ago. Well, now Jesus Christ of Nazareth was asked in this most famous of all prophecies in Matthew 24. He was asked, what would be the signs, the signals of his return to this earth if you believe he's about to return, if you believe the Bible means what it says that the prophecies of the Bible do describe the days in which we're living that there is a Christ that he has been alive. All these nearly 2000 years since his resurrection. And of course, these things can be absolutely proved.

   But notice in that 24th chapter of the book of Matthew, he said, commenting on that time in verse 36 (Matthew 24:36), of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But he said in verse 37 (Matthew 24:37). And this would characterize our day. He said, as the days of Noah were so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. Why did he say that? Well, you read back in the sixth, the seventh, and the eighth chapters of the book of Genesis, how Almighty God called Noah, how Noah found grace in the eyes of God. God commanded him to make an old type of a ship, an ark, not something as navigable type of vessel, but something merely to float on the surface of the water and it actually happened and the absolute infallible proof is light in the rocks underneath your feet. There was a flood, it wasn't local, it was worldwide, the greatest, most cataclysmic occurrence to strike this earth in all of its history that actually did happen.

   And Jesus said, "As the days of Noah were, so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be." For notice, he described it in verse 38 (Matthew 24:38), "As in the days that were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the ark and knew not until the flood came and took them all away." But now what's that? That's just ancient history, isn't it? No, it's not. No, it's the greatest warning for our time that is in the entirety of the Bible in a way because notice the next lines. "So shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. Then shall two be in the field, one shall be taken and the other left, two women shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken and the other left." He said, "Watch you therefore, for you know not what hour your Lord does come."

   He said during the days of Noah, they weren't aware of the meanings of the times. They were eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage. In other words, they were going along in their own carnal-minded pursuits. They were trying to work out their own problems. They were frustrated, worried; they were fearful, apprehensive, doubting. They weren't having the success that they wanted. They didn't have the happiness they were searching for. They were breaking laws. God said they were filled with violence and everything that was evil. He had to destroy every last man, Jack of them, but just the one private family of Noah. And look at our day today. Almighty God said it would be exactly the same way. Jesus said, they knew not until the day came that Noah entered into the ark and the flood took them all away. So, he said, also, shall the coming of the Son of Man be.

   But now let's get down to it in Luke 21 and verse 36 (Luke 21:36), Jesus said, "Watch you therefore and pray always that you might be accounted worthy to escape these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man." Well, then it's time you began to watch. It's time you began to take a good, long, hard look at this world. It's time you began to know the reason for your being. It's time you began to know the reason for your drawing breath. It's time you began to fulfill that purpose. And that reason. Jesus said, "I am come not only that they might have life but that they might have life more abundantly." He wants us to be happy, he wants us to enjoy life, have a brimful, running over life right here and now with real interest, real accomplishment, a real sense of fulfillment, and of happiness. John wrote, "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health." But today there's a curse on the earth because man has made the wrong choice.

   Back in Leviticus 26 in Deuteronomy 28, God showed that there was a choice before man, but he made the wrong choice as I've been showing in many programs recently. He chose the way of strife of competition of trying to solve his own problems. His own way. He chose the way of rebellion towards God's laws. He chose the way of self-human government. He chose the way of breaking God's spiritual laws and his natural laws. He chose the way in short of sin. The way of rebellion to God. God says in Hosea four and verse six (Hosea 4:6), because you have rejected knowledge, I have rejected you. We've rejected the laws of God, and God has rejected us. Now, in physical sin, it carries an immediate penalty. You can take just a little bit of poison and maybe you'll get just a little sick. You take a lot of poison and you're going to be dead, you break just some of God's laws and maybe you're only partly miserable, you break more and you're completely miserable.

   What is then the real way to peace, to happiness, to joy, to fulfillment, to contentment, to everything that we really want? Everything we ought to have. What is the source, the cause, the root cause of all of our troubles today? Mental, physical, financial, spiritual, every last one of them. It is going the, that seems right to a man, the way of society, the way of competition and strife, the way of vanity, the way of jealousy, the way of covetousness of greed, the way of wanting everything we haven't really earned and worked for it is going the way of human nature. Almighty God is going to change human nature. God has said to the pen of the Apostle Paul that the times of this ignorance, God winked at. But now commands all men everywhere to repent. And Jesus said in Luke 13 and verse five (Luke 13:5), except you repent, you shall all likewise perish.

   Almighty God is working out a plan here below, and that plan envisions remaking, reforming, reshaping human nature. He is about to step in and show mankind how to live. He's calling only a few now, he commands those few to repent. You can have a part in that calling.

   What did Jesus promise Christians? What is the reward of the saved? He promised that we can remake the world, that we can show people how to live, that we can rehabilitate the land, that the weather patterns can be changed and made more harmonious with man, that the bodies and the minds of people can be healed and restored and made right. Jesus promised in Revelation 2 and verse 26 (Revelation 2:26), that we can rule over the nations with a rod of iron with him, not because of human movements, in spite of them, not as a result of human beings banding together as a result of the divine intervention of Almighty God and the return of Jesus Christ.

   The conditions on this earth, it will be extant, the total changing of it, the rehabilitation of it, the rebuilding of it, the restoring of it, the solving of all of our problems. All of that is portrayed and laid out in great minute detail all through the Bible. You need to know what it's all about. You need to know what is the plan of God being worked out here below, how you can get in harmony with it. Exactly what it was that Jesus promised Christians. What is the reward of the saved? What are the conditions that will be extant during the time God talks of and which is called the millennium, but is labeled as a 1000 year period in your Bible.

   Well, then listen, write for these amazing booklets. First of all, write for this vitally important booklet, "Why were you BORN?" Take a look at the world as we've done in this program. Take a good long look and then ask yourself, "What are you doing here? Why were you BORN? Why do you draw breath? What's ahead? What is your private search? What is your personal life all about?" Here's a book that answers the questions from the Bible, "Why were you BORN?" Then, here's another vitally important booklet, "The Seven Laws of Success." So many people are failing in their marriages, failing in their jobs, failing even in their physical health. Here are the laws to success. Most people don't even know one of them. Some might know one or two, but no one it seems knows them all. Yes, that's right. This seems to be something nearly everyone has missed the boat on. Write in for it, "Seven Laws of Success."

   Here are then some articles that are also absolutely free of charge. We'll send you by return mail. You need to send no money whatsoever. "What is the Reward of the Saved?" There's an article just what is ahead. What is this thing of redemption, of salvation? What do you hope to get out of it? What is the Reward of the Saved? Is it heaven comparing wings, plucking on a harp, floating around for eternity in the clouds above? Is that what Christ promised? And then another article entitled, "Where Will the Millennium Be Spent? In heaven, on earth, in the middle of the sun, in your own home? Where will it be spent?" Where Will the Millennium Be Spent? Just write for the article on, What is the Reward of the Saved?, the article on the Millennium, the booklet on the Seven Keys To Success, the booklet on, Why were you BORN? They're all free of charge. There is no price whatsoever.

   And then don't forget to write for this booklet that I announced earlier on, The Proof of the Bible. And here's another article on, How to Have a Happy Marriage. Now, I know that's a lot to remember, but jot it all down and then send your request to Herbert W Armstrong Post Office Box 111 Pasadena, California. That's Herbert W Armstrong post office box 101 Pasadena. Be sure you take the time to list the call letters of your station, listen carefully and do that. First of all, then send your letter to Herbert W Armstrong Box 111 Pasadena, California. Remember there is no charge, they're all absolutely free. And so until the same hour, one week from now or until tomorrow and daily over most of these stations, this is Garner Ted Armstrong saying goodbye friends.

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Broadcast Date: 1960