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   What is going to happen to us and the democratic nations of the Western world? We are all included in these prophecies — the British people, even the Swedes, the Danes, the Norwegians, the Dutch, and all of those nations in northwestern Europe.

   He was speaking here of Judah. We had come to the fourth chapter where he was giving a warning of what was going to happen. Then 600 years before Christ, more than 2500 years ago.

   Now, what was going to happen to the Jews there in Judea, the southern part of Palestine at that time, just before Nebuchadnezzar invaded them. But now, coming into the fifth chapter, he begins to speak of Israel as well as Judah.

   So, in verse 11, he says, 'For Israel's house and Judah's house,' Israel means power of people today. Now, that's the most astounding thing that you ever read. But I was challenged on it, and I studied this thing with an open mind. I studied it for many, many months thoroughly, and I had to acknowledge the truth, as you will if your mind is open and if your heart as well. So, let God show you and teach you some things that are now being revealed.

   You know, my friends, that prophecy mostly has been closed and sealed until now. You'll read that in the 12th chapter of Daniel; the words are closed and sealed up until the time of the end when knowledge will be increased. Many will be running to and fro just as we're doing in this day, right now.

   Alright, Israel's house and Judah's house have been, (now, he's speaking in the past from his time, 600 years before Christ) have been faithless to him. They have de lied the Eternal, crying He will do nothing. No harm can come to us, no suffering from war or famine, from war or famine, (Jeremiah 5:11-12).

   Now, my friends, I've been telling you that the prophecies ahead for the United States of America for the next few years that you're going to live through show some frightful changes in the weather. We're already beginning to have it. Yes, we're already beginning to have it here in the United States, we've had nothing but topsy-turvy weather.

   We have seen a time when it was colder way down in Palm Beach or in Miami, Florida, than it was up in Portland, Maine when Portland, Maine was having warmer weather than Miami, Florida. Think of that.

   We have been in a time when we have been having floods in California and Oregon, such as we have never known before. We're having drought where they formerly had plenty of rain. This weather is going berserk.

   And I want to tell you, my friends, that all nature is shuddering. It's shrinking with convulsions because of what's coming on this earth. You're living in mighty dangerous times. These are not normal times, and you'd better be awake to what it all means and where it's leading us. And you're going to live through it.

   Now, I've been telling you that it is prophesied that a national famine is to come to the United States. Also, there is going to be an invasion of the United States in World War III. And this time we are going to be invaded, my friends.

   You're not hearing some wild crackpot idea dreamed up by some man that doesn't know what he's talking about. You're hearing the prophecies of God Almighty, and God help you to open your ears and realize the seriousness of this thing and not to take it so lightly.

   Not to think, 'Oh well, we hear everything today. We hear any old kind of a crackpot, and we hear all kinds of fanaticism.' Yes, I know you do. Can you tell a true voice when you hear it, my friends? It's in your Bible. If you don't recognize a voice, it's in your Bible. Believe what you see there, blow the dust off of it, and begin to read it for yourself because I want to tell you, if what I say is true, someone ought to be shouting that warning to this nation because our statesmen and politicians down in Washington don't know it's coming.

   Someone who does know ought to be warning the people. Now here, Jeremiah is speaking to our people as well as the Jews back there. And he says that our people were saying, 'No harm can come to us.' And it is typical and it means that we're saying this today and we are no suffering from war or famine. Why we're beginning to say today that the hydrogen bomb and the weapons we have are so terrifying, so destructive, there will never be another war because no one would dare start one.

   You really believe that weapons are made to use, and they've always been used, and there's no time. Just look at the lessons of history. Men never invented any new kind of weapon yet they didn't put to use.

   Now, here's what the people are crying out: "God isn't going to do anything. It can't happen here. Oh no, it'll never happen here. No suffering from war or famine." When God's prophecies tell you that both are coming on our America. The prophets that people say are but windbags. That is God's prophets that shout his truth, my friends. If you think I'm a windbag, God have mercy on you when this happens.

   Now, there's a protection for you. There's a protection for our whole nation. This whole nation could stop that from happening if we'd wake up. I don't think we're going to wake up. So, I think you better do it as an individual and come under private individual protection of God Almighty. Before it happens, the people say the prophets are but windbags. The word is not within. No, but the prophets of Baal deceiving the people have turned the word of God upside down. And God says my people love to have themselves. They seem to love error instead of truth. Truth seems to offend and hurt our feelings. Why? Why should it, my friend?

   So, the Eternal, the God of hosts declares since thus they talk, I put my word in your mouth, Jeremiah to be a fire and I will make this people fuel to be burned.

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   Listen, my friends. Well, Jeremiah was an intermediary between the kings of Israel and King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. And while he had a definition of warning the Jews at that time, then Jeremiah is one of the major prophets of your Bible and as a prophet, he is foretelling what is going to happen in the future. And so he is telling here now about an invasion and the captivity to come to Israel and there has been no captivity or invasion coming to Israel from the time he wrote that (Jeremiah 5:15), 'I bring says God, a nation on you from afar o house of Israel', my friends, the only time that any nation had invaded Israel, what we know is Israel and Bible history was 130 years before these words were written. Now he's speaking of the future, 'a nation that endures an ancient nation with a language that you know not and speaks that you cannot understand their arrows deal death far and wide. They are all fighting men'. In other words, it's a warlike nation that believes in war. There is such a nation today. 'They shall devour your harvest and your food, your flocks and herds, they shall devour your grapes and pigs and sword in hand, shall batter down your vaunted forts, each walled town', you know my friends that these prophecies began even back in the writings of Moses. There is a lot of prophecy even back in the writings of Moses. Alright.

   Now, let's see, we're down here to about the 19th verse, and I'm reading it incidentally from the Moffatt translation because I think you get the meaning a little plainer, it's in more modern English (Jeremiah 5:19), 'just as you forsook me'. Now, God is saying through Jeremiah and this is to us. Well, of course, there he's speaking of ancient Israel too, but he's speaking of us today. And we've done the same thing 'just as you forsook me to serve foreign Gods in your own land. So, you must serve foreigners in a land that is not your own.'

   Now, I suppose some of you might deny that, that we have ever forsaken God here in the United States to serve foreign Gods in our land. You deny that? My friends, some of us need to wake up and get the facts and see what we have been doing. We have been actually serving old Baal the Sun God and that ancient goddess Easter right here in some of our chief so-called holidays, we call Christian holidays that aren't Christian at all. We've been doing things we didn't realize we were doing.

   We are in the time that your Bible said when men would be turned to fables and turn away from the truth. We're in the time when your Bible said all nations would be deceived and our people have been deceived. We've done that just the same as Ancient Israel verse 20 (Jeremiah 5:20). 'Proclaim this to the house of Jacob. Announce it within Judah'. Jeremiah did announce it within Judah in those days. But this is a prophecy for our time now for our people because we are Jacob today. 'The house of Jacob', that means us, 'proclaim this to the house of Jacob. Announce it within Judah'. Listen, you foolish senseless fool with eyes that see not with ears that hear not, will you not fear, Me says the Eternal, will you not tremble at my presence.'

   Do we tremble at the very word of God? How many of you are really trembling when I read these things right out of the Bible that are going to happen, that you're going to live into? Not very many of you. Some of you smile, some of you take it lightly or you listen, maybe you're a little stunned by it, but you don't pay much attention.

   Are you really taking this seriously? This is the most serious thing in your life. This is your life, this is speaking of your country and your time in which you live God Almighty thought it was important enough to have this inspired and to have it preserved in spite of every effort to destroy the Holy Bible. It has been preserved until now. And I'm offering to send you the absolute proof that these words are inspired by a supernatural God. And that prophecy has always fulfilled exactly precisely on time.

   You don't have to guess, and you don't have to doubt or be in doubt. You can know. And God says proclaimed this to the house of Jacob and I'm proclaiming it, God have mercy on us. I don't know of another voice that is proclaiming, you can call me all of the fanatical crackpot names you want, I want to tell you that I'm speaking by the authority of Jesus Christ. A lot more of you, people had better begin to heed because this is coming in some of these days, my voice is going to be still and then there are millions of you that are going to know that God had sent one to warn you.

   But you thought, well, it was just one voice out of so many. You couldn't believe that. What did that fellow know? Just like I was reading to you yesterday where it said that the people would be saying, oh, these prophets, they're false prophets. They're just a lot of windbags. Why should we listen to that? Surely, that's what the people say. You let someone come with the craziest really crackpot religion that ever happened and they can get at least thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers. But you let someone come out with God's truth and the people don't believe, they want to believe anything but the truth of God Almighty someday we're going to wake up and find what is the truth.

   Will you tremble at this word? Will you tremble at God's presence. Yes. Verse 23 (Jeremiah 5:23). 'This folk is at heart, restless, rebellious. They swerve aside, defiantly. They never say to themselves. Come. Let us fear the Eternal our God who sends the rain in spring and autumn dew, who brings our harvest in its season. True.'

   Well, God says he's going to send famine because of what we're doing the way we're living. I was reading that to you in the previous program. It is your crimes that keep such blessings back your sins that spoil your welfare. We don't think we have crimes that we have sins in our land. God says 'this folk is at heart, restless and rebellious. They swerve aside, defiantly. It is your crimes says, God that keeps such blessings back your sins that spoil your welfare and a result of our crimes and our sins'. And because those things are increased thing within the United States. God says, he's going to send these terrible things on us that I've been reading to you right out of the prophecy.

   Maybe you don't believe it when you read in Jeremiah, the 30th chapter where it says (Jeremiah 30:14), 'all your allies have forgotten you'. It says of America, 'they seek you not for I, God says, have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement of a cruel one for the multitude of thy iniquity because thy sins were increased.' Our sins have certainly increased. There's more crime in the United States than any other nation now on the face of the earth or any other nation that ever did live on the face of this earth.

   We're having an actual decay in religion. We're having an increase in interest in religion, an increase in curiosity and interest. More people are going to church now than ever before. And yet we're having an actual decay when it comes to anything that really takes hold of our lives. It's about time my friends that we've come to realize the truth because the day of reckoning is just around the corner and it's speeding down on us a lot faster than you speeding. I mean, keep ahead of the traffic on the highway, maybe it's speeding into an accident too. Well, let's read on here a little further.

   Continuing, verse 26, (Jeremiah 5:26-29), "For robes are to be found among my folk who set their snares to track their fellows like cages filled with birds. Their houses are full of swindling games. Thus they become great men and prosperous. They grow stout and sleek. They go to any length in crime'. Although we don't always call it crime. A lot of it is legal that is legal according to man's laws, 'but they make no move for justice. They never champion an orphan's cause or rally to a poor man's rights. Must I not punish them for that?' The Eternal asks, 'shall I not make such people pay for that?' My friends, God is not mocked. We think God's gone way off someplace. Let me tell you, there's a day of reckoning coming in. God is cataloging all of these things. He knows what's going on in our United States.

   Continuing next verse 30th, (Jeremiah 5:30), 'A horrible thing and appalling has happened in the land. The prophets'. Now this is the overwhelming majority of the and prophets is a word that well, we just call it preachers today. A prophet is a word that can mean one who foretells to whom God reveals by inspiration certain future events and prophecy, or it also can mean just one who is a preacher. And here it means the preachers. Let's just read it that way. 'Then the preachers prophesy falsely or preach falsely, the priests rule at their beckon call and my people love to have it so, but what will you do at the end of it all?' Because there is an end coming and there is a day of reckoning ahead.

   Well, he tells us to take warning or he says in verse eight (Jeremiah 6:8), 'I will lay you waste and leave you uninhabited. Go over what is left of Israel's vineyard. Scan her as a gardener, scans twig after twig. Is there a man whom I can warn and make him listen?' God asks and I wonder sometimes I think I'm wasting my time, my friends to tell you these things. Wouldn't you rather be just amused and entertained? Wouldn't you rather just pass away the time not knowing what's going to come on you or would you rather be warned before it happens and have a way to avoid all of this?

   So, it need not come, you can avert it, you can avoid it. You can have supernatural protection. It doesn't need to happen to you, but it's going to happen. I'm telling you, you can go on welling yourself to sleep, you can go to the movies, you can see the crime pictures and look at it on television. You can lull yourself to sleep with pleasing things that amuse and entertain you and you can hide the truth from yourself. It's going to be a day of reckoning on the other hand, you can open up your ears and you can open your mind and you can really begin to tremble at these things and the reality of them, they're coming from God Almighty. You can seek the Eternal, your God with your whole heart and you can come under His protection and then you'll have only happiness ahead.

   Now it's up to you. You're going to make your decision. You're hearing the prophecies of God Almighty and God help you to open your ears and realize the seriousness of this thing and not to take it so lightly, not to think. Oh, well, we're here at the fanaticism. Yes, I know you do.

   He says, 'Is there a man whom I can warn and make him listen?' No, he answers. These people's ears are stopped. They never heed me. Why the Eternal's word is a disgust to them and no delight, in giving you the Eternal's word. Is it a disgust or delight? Of course, these warnings are not so delightful in a way. The authorized version has it a reproach rather than a disgust too incidentally. And I read it here in the Moffatt translation.

   Dropping to verse 12 (Jeremiah 6:12), "Their houses shall be turned over to strangers, their wives along with their lands. For high and low alike are all greedy if for gained confident priests alike are all deceitful that's the ministers, the wealthy men, the laboring men. Well, you read of it my friends in the fifth chapter of the book of James and James prophecy near the end of your New Testament. And so labor was trodden down. And just as you read back here in James five, the wealthy men withheld the hire that is from the laborers. They, they didn't give them a fair share of the of what they were producing and consequently labor organized and we had labor unions. And now I find that labor unions will take an unfair advantage when they get a chance to, management and capital will take an unfair advantage if they get a chance. I'm not naming names. I'm just talking in principles, but it's human nature. And it doesn't seem to make much difference which end you're on. Whether you're poor or whether you're rich, whether you're a layman or whether you're a preacher.

   I want to tell you that every one of you has in your nature, a nature of greed and a nature of selfishness and the nature of vanity. Nearly every woman certainly would just love to be told she's pretty, she'd rather hear that than almost anything, she just wants to be pretty and she wants people to think she's pretty. Nearly every man wants to feel he's important. At least he would like to. I don't know, a lot of men don't work hard enough at it to ever become important. I don't know whether men really want to be important or not. If they did. It seems to me they've worked a little harder to become what people would think is important and most of them don't.

   God says here about (James 5:1) 'The rich men weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you'. When God's Day of reckoning comes, 'Your riches are corrupted. Your garments are moth eaten, your gold and silver is cankered. The rust of them shall be a witness against you'. That is when money isn't circulating anymore, then it becomes rusty that he's talking about. 'You heaped treasure together for the last days, the higher the laborers who have reaped down your fields or factories', whatever it may be, 'which is if you can't crying Yes, that's, well, it doesn't seem to make too much difference whether we're preacher or layman capitalist or laboring man, poor man, rich man. It doesn't make much difference what we are. We are all alike as it says that all deceitful, feeding the wounds of my people slightly and lightly saying all's, well, all's well, when all is not, well, are they ashamed of their abominable leaves? Not they, they know not how to blush. Says, God, therefore, they shall fall among the fallen.

   I see when I punish them, says the Eternal stand at the crossroads, the Eternal said, ask for the good load and take it. So, shall you be safe and prosperous? But he says, they will not listen. And so, we'll have to end there until the next program carrying right on them in this sixth chapter of Jeremiah's prophecy. We're going to get to some other prophecies right away.

   All right. Now, my friends, let me tell you once again these booklets I asked you to write in for if you want to know where we're mentioned in the Bible, the booklet, United States in Prophecy. And I mentioned the booklets on, The Resurrection and the one on Easter. Now, there's no subscription price. There's no charge for the booklets first write down the call letters of the station to what you're listening, write that first, write down the name of the booklets that you want and mention them by name and then send your request to, Herbert W Armstrong Post Office Box 111 Pasadena, California, Herbert Armstrong Box 111 Pasadena, California. Until tomorrow then, goodbye friend.

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