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Where were the words "Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin" first written?
On a wall in Belshazzar's banquet room.

Daniel 5:22
The Missing Dimension In Sex - Second Edition
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The Missing Dimension In Sex - Second Edition

THE WORLD has sorely needed this book. In all the avalanche of books, pamphlets, articles, teachings on sex that has descended on the public since World War I, the most vitally needed dimension of knowledge has been missing - unpublished until this volume. But WHY? Why was the most essential knowledge not made available? This heretofore-missing dimension imparts an entirely new and startlingly different meaning to marriage and sex. And with today's mixed-up world in the throes of a moral revolution, the need for this book is desperately urgent. The purposes and true meaning of both sex and marriage are extremely vital to know. Physical details can be rightly understood only in the light of what has gone before in this volume.

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Publication Date: 1971
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