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What did God use to guide Israel through the wilderness?
Pillar of cloud, pillar of fire.

Exodus 13:21
The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Volume I - 1973
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The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Volume I - 1973

FROM BEGINNINGS humble and small without parallel, to the magnitude of today's enterprises and worldwide impact is the story of GROWTH unbelievable! It is the incredible story of something never done before - never done this way - a seemingly impossible achievement utterly unique in the world! By all the criteria of organizational and institutional experience, it simply could never have happened. Every phase of this globe-girdling Work has been something altogether UNIQUE - a first - the blazing of a new trail. Ambassador College is astonishingly UNIQUE among institutions of higher learning. The PLAIN TRUTH magazine is utterly UNIQUE in the publishing field. The WORLD TOMORROW program, viewed and heard by millions on both radio and television daily, is entirely UNIQUE in broadcasting. And the Worldwide Church of God , behind these global enterprises, is altogether UNIQUE on the earth - practicing, as it does, the revealed ways of the living Creator God, and for the first time in 18 1/2 centuries, thundering His all-important Message over all continents of the earth.

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Publication Date: 1973
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