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What did Caiaphas do for a living?
He was a priest.

Matthew 26:57
Is There A Real Hell Fire?
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Is There A Real Hell Fire?

A leading Protestant theologian remarked, ...It is doubtful whether many educated Protestants today believe in "heaven" and "hell" as literal physical places. ..." "Yet to many millions hell is frighteningly real! Is there a real hell, a real fire, a real torment what does the Bible say? THE RESTAURANT was crowded with men and women discussing their day's business over lunch. Fitted in between a bank building and a hat shop, this particular restaurant was long and narrow so that many of those sitting in the rear could not see what was going on toward the entrance. About 12:30, when people were still standing in line waiting to get a table, three women walked in. Two were rather skinny, one was overly plump, all were unkempt and disheveled. About halfway to the rear of the restaurant, one of the women burst out in a loud voice screaming, "FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Hell fire and brimstone!"

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Publication Date: 1973
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