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Who was Bathsheba's first husband?

II Samuel 11:3
True Womanhood
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True Womanhood

Here is the booklet thousands of you have been anticipating! Here is the answer to what is MISSING in the lives of millions of women - and their husbands, children and society as a whole. THE SCENE was a beautiful semi-tropical garden - a veritable paradise. The young man in the picture seemed to have everything going for him. He had perfect health, radiant good looks, a keen, alert mind. He even had ideal employment and abundant wealth in natural resources nearby. A paradise? Yes. But, as he walked in these gorgeous surroundings, ate the delectable, natural fruits, observed and petted the friendly animals, an aching, gnawing feeling began to grow inside of him. He was dissatisfied. He was just plain lonesome. There was no one of his kind to talk to. No one with whom he could share this beauty as well as his plans, hopes and dreams. No one he could love. He was alone.

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Publication Date: 1968
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