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Who am I: I was a child prodigy, and at the age of 12 I became king over Judah. One of the twelve tribes of Israel has the same name as mine. I was a bad guy and delved in witch-craft and the occult Hezekiah was my father.

II Kings 21
Modern Dating
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Modern Dating

DIVORCE is an admission of defeat. It's a public statement of failure. Divorce is commonplace, court sanctioned. It is socially acceptable, in most cases. But divorce isn't happy. Divorce proves something is seriously wrong in too many marriages. No one marries "just to get a divorce," in spite of the brave smiles through tears of the emancipated woman over 40 who announces to her friends at the piano bar about how "free" she feels. Like setting up a business or planning a career, marriage is a truly big step in life, not to be casually entered into. This booklet speaks frankly about how to date, with whom and how often. It answers the following questions: What about going steady? How late should young people stay out? What about necking? What about dating a member of another race? What about age differences? If a couple feel they're "really in love," are intimacies more allowable? What if parents don't approve? What about religious differences?

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Publication Date: 1974
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