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Genesis 4
FAMINE! ...Can We Survive?
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FAMINE! ...Can We Survive?
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INEXORABLY, silently, ominously, the world's greatest single problem is crowding in on us. The population explosion is real - it is happening right now - it is going to continue. Strangely, this most urgent problem seems the most vague; the most subtle. Few people give much thought to the problems of global food supplies; burgeoning populations; urban crowding - unless it affects them, personally. If you live in a city - any city - you are experiencing, in your own way, a little of the pressures of the population explosion. You wait longer for a place on the golf tee; you spend more time looking for a parking place than before; you leave for work earlier, and arrive home later. You are irked at crowds in places of public entertainment; traffic snarls; airport noises, and supermarket checkstand lines.

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Publication Date: 1969
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