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What was Israel to do with their fields in the Sabbath and Jubilee years?
Not sow or harvest them.

Leviticus 25:4-5

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A Teenager in King Nebuchadnezzar's Court
Darris L McNeely  

Have you ever been faced with an uncomfortable choice between right and wrong? What did you do - give in, or decide to do what was right? The most far-reaching decision you'll ever make is before you now - whether you will stay with the faith of your youth. As you reach your mid to late teens, this question becomes even more important. You may know of some teens who have quit attending church and turned their backs on God's way of life. In the Bible there is a story about a teenager who grew up in the Church, found himself faced with a major question at an early age and chose to hold to the faith he was brought up in. His name was Daniel, and in his early teens he was taken from his parents and enrolled in a special training program at the court of the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 1).

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