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Who am I: I was called a "friend of God", because I obeyed God without question. My name was changed in later life. To prove my obedience I was asked to sacrifice my son.

Genesis 12:4; 17:5; 20:2; 22:2

The Coming World Super-Government
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1935
Volume: Vol II, No.2
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The Coming World Super-Government

OUT of the present world chaos - with all important nations, save only four, having already suffered overthrow in revolution - out of this collapse of nations and institutions, will soon emerge ...a new WORLD SUPER-GOVERNMENT!!! It is the only way out! And Bible prophecies say IT WILL COME! Who will manage to obtain the power of SUPREME WORLD RULER? Caesar, Napolean, the Kaisar, all strove to capture it. Stalin, Mussolini, and others now lust for world power. Will one of them succeed in gaining it? Here is the plain truth - in advance - from the Bible prophecies.

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1935Vol II, No.2