Events in Europe Move Swiftly toward World WAR!
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1938
Volume: Vol III, No.3
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Events in Europe Move Swiftly toward World WAR!

THE past three weeks has witnessed world startling changes in Europe. Read how these events suddenly have opened the way for the prophesied grouping of nations!
   SWIFT, dramatic changes in Europe suddenly have reversed the entire trend of the world events! At last the way is opened for the prophesied grouping of nations for the world war. Tremendous developments will now follow.
   Take one quick glance back over the past four weeks. In Germany Hitler came perilously close to losing power. He met the crises with his ruthless army purge, established himself more securely than ever as supreme Dictator in Germany.
   Swiftly in the wake of this event came Hitler's unusual meeting with Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg; and sudden, almost over-night shift of conditions in Austria.
   Then, on February 20th came Hitler's world-stirring speech, demanding the return of Germany's lost colonies from Great Britain, under virtual threat of war. And a few hours later the same day came the sensational crisis in London, with Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden resigning under fire and Prime Minister Chamberlain springing a sudden about-face policy, —discarding Eden's idealism, and adopting a more "practical" policy of "friendly cooperation" with Italy and Germany.
   These events rocked the world. They have totally changed the whole course of European affairs. More important — the little realized — they have suddenly opened the way for quick fulfillment of the prophesied grouping of nations for the WORLD WAR, and ARMAGEDDON!


   Bible prophecies, as we have told our readers before, show the nations of the world will be divided into three distinct enemy groups for the coming last world war. At one corner of this world triangle we shall find the Communist nations — Soviet Russia, finally joined with the allies giving her the largest man-power of world history. At another corner we shall see the Democratic nations — the Anglo-Saxons of Great Britain and the United States, fighting with our backs to the wall! And at the third corner we shall witness the mighty ROMAN EMPIRE reborn — the Fascist-Nazi dictatorships of Europe.
   It is the rebirth of the ROMAN EMPIRE that the events of these past few days concern. Let us see, first, what is prophesied.
   In the 17th chapter of Revelation is the specific prophecy of the manner in which the Roman Empire will finally be re-born. In the first seven verses is pictured a fallen "woman" — a symbol of a great false church — sitting upon a "BEAST." This "beast" is interpreted, in Daniel 7 and Rev. 13, to be a kingdom, or a government — a part of the Gentile chain of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The "beast" of Revelation 17 is universally identified at the ROMAN EMPIRE. This is acknowledged by virtually all Bible students, and even by a foot-note in the Roman-Catholic "Douay" Bible.


   This "beast" had seven heads, and ten horns. From the interpretation in Daniel 7, we know the "heads" symbolize dynasties, or successive kingdoms, and the "horns "symbolize smaller kingdoms growing out of one of the "heads."
   At the time John SAW this "beast" in his vision, the Roman Empire was, and is not, and yet is. (Verse 8). It is now pictured as in "the bottomless pit," — a symbol for a condition of virtual non-existence — but SHALL ascend out of this condition, coming forth once more to life. And when it is fully revived, all who do not understand the Bible prophecies, shall be amazed, and shall WONDER!
   At the time of the vision — the very present — just before the DAY OF THE LORD — FIVE of the heads of this "beast are fallen, one is, and the other is not yet come. And when the seventh appears, he will continue but a short time. The false "woman", — or CHURCH — sat on, or ruled over ALL SEVEN OF THE HEADS! The only Church who ever had such relationship with the Roman Empire was the Roman Catholic Church. And she mounted, and "rode" this "beast" in 554, when Justinian, who previously had acknowledged the supremacy of the pope, re-established the Roman Empire in the West, after the fall of the original empire in 476. The next "head" was a French dynasty, reaching its flower under Charles the third was a German "head" coming to its head under Otto the Great, and the fourth an Austrian dynasty reaching its peak in Charlemagne The Great. The fifth was Napoleon, who met his "Waterloo" in 1814, exactly 1260 years (Rev. 13:5) after the beginning of this "Holy Roman Empire" in 554. These are the five that are fallen. The pope "rode" — that is, actually reigned over, . . . every one of them. That was the END of the "Holy Roman Empire" as a great Empire. It went into the "bottomless pit."
   But in 1870, Garibaldi united the 12 little states in the Italian peninsula into the present nation of Italy and this kingdom — the 6th "head" — continues today in King Emanual of Italy. In no sense has it been the great and mighty Empire. The Roman Empire has been in "the bottomless pit." Yet here was the germ once proud and mighty power, still ruling from Rome, and the "woman" having again mounted it since Mussolini came into power.
   Now how will this great "beast" — the mighty, all-conquering, world-powerful "Roman Empire" emerge from its "bottomless pit?" The 12th verse gives this detail. There will be TEN KINGS, who have not yet received power as kings at the time of the vision, and therefore ten DICTATORS, who shall have come to power, in their respective ten nations, and shall give their power to the BEAST — the Roman Emperor, for the short space signified by the symbol "one hour".
   The term "beast" in Daniel 7 — the only place where the symbol is interpreted, — is interchangeably used to signify "king" or "kingdom". The use in the sentence must determine whether the individual king, or his kingdom, is intended. In this case, these ten European Dictators shall come together, giving their power to the Ruler at ROME, who is MUSSOLINI!
   The rebirth of the ancient Roman Empire in all its former grandeur and might has been from the first, the dream of the proud Mussolini. Nearly two years ago he had the Italian Chamber of Deputies declare the Roman Empire to have been reborn. But, before he comes to his great might and power — before this Bible prophecy stands fulfilled, — he must come to an alliance with TEN DICTATORS OF EUROPE who will actually GIVE THEIR POWER to him, thus forming a great super-Empire destined to stagger the world.
   It is not necessary that these ten nations ruled by these ten dictators occupy the exact territory of the ancient Empire — for its boundary lines shifted continually. But they must occupy the approximate same territory. The SEVENTH HEAD of this "beast" will not be formed until the great alliance is accomplished. And since, (verse 9), the "woman" is seen riding ALL SEVEN of the heads, the Catholic Church must be placed as the official state religion over all parts of this coming Roman Empire.


   Next let us look quickly at conditions as they have been in Europe.
   Mussolini's conquest of Ethiopia started his active campaign to revive this powerful Empire. The war in Spain is the second great event to that end. As events have progressed, it has become apparent that the new Roman Empire will be a group of FASCIST dictatorships, all bound together — just as an axe surrounded by ten rods are all BOUND TIGHTLY TOGETHER in the official Roman emblem, the "Faces," which you will find stamped on our dimes.
   For some time there was no doubt as to which group of nations Germany was destined to join. Under Hitler nazi dictatorship, virtually a fascist system, it has become evident that Germany will once more be bound into the Roman Empire. One by one many other nations of Europe, important as a member of this Empire, yet not quite ranking as a major world power in themselves, have come under the combined Fascist-Nazi influence. This includes such nations as Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Portugal. But one major world power has remained a great question mark — FRANCE.
   Where would FRANCE finally line up? Ever since the unjust treaty of Versailles, Germany has lived for the day of revenge and France has existed in fear. Along the German frontier France has constructed the most elaborate and scientific fortifications the world has ever seen. To strengthen her position against Germany, France has clung to Great Britain as an arm-in-arm brother. How could it be possibly conceived that France would ever join Germany in forming a new world super-government?
   Yet the writer has felt, and often said, that in some manner we could not yet foresee, it appeared that France ought to be one of the ten powers of the new Roman Empire, in order to fulfill the prophecy.
   And now all past trends suddenly have changed completely. Now the way is open. Now we can see how it may well be brought about!


   Look where France suddenly finds herself, after the world-startling event of the past three or four weeks! Just hanging out on a limb.
   The British foreign policy, until now, has been anti-Nazi, and Anti-Fascist. Anthony Eden stood for idealistic principles, opposing Mussolini's big-bully attacks on weaker, helpless nations. But this policy has been steering Great Britain straight into war with Italy. Mussolini was about ready to close up the Mediterranean by seizing its two gates, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal. And the Mediterranean is the very life-line of the British Empire!
   Prime Minister Chamberlain is a practical man. And so he has now suddenly driven thru an "about-face" British policy, preferring to let Mussolini go ahead with his picking on small nations rather than plunge all Europe into war. Of course Mussolini will proceed with his plan to bottle up the Mediterranean, anyway — LATER ON! The Bible prophecies show this. But Chamberlain's startling change of policy has postponed this, and also the start of the world war. England has shifted suddenly to a policy of friendly co-operation with Mussolini and Hitler. And France has gone into PANIC! Now France has no strong ally against Germany. HOW IT MAY WELL WORK OUT
   Now can we see how things may well work out?
   These tremendous events of the past few weeks have boosted Mussolini to a stronger position than ever. In all this diplomatic muddle, he is the one who came out on top. At the psychological moment, he will make a great gesture, pretending it is "FOR THE PEACE OF EUROPE!" Why, he will adroitly ask France, should she stand out on a limb all alone? WHY go on hating and fearing Germany, now fully rearmed and allied with the strongest nation of Europe? France will be induced to bury the hatchet with Germany, and join a new kind of alliance purporting to GUARANTEE PERMANENT PEACE in Europe!
   The League of Nations has at least furnished the idea. It failed because it was a league of scattered nations, varying widely as to location, interests, and ideals, — and because it lacked "teeth" and was utterly powerless to enforce its decisions or recommendations. Now Mussolini will show the European dictators a vastly new kind of League — an alliance of the major powers of Europe — nations whose borders adjoin, whose interests and ideals are the sameónations which can be BOUND TOGETHER into a Super-government so all-powerful it could enforce its dictates, and conquer any nation or group of nations on the earth!
   Undoubtedly each of the other ten dictators will remain supreme in his own country. In domestic affairs, each nation will govern itself. But where INTERNATIONAL interests are concerned the super-government, headed no doubt by Mussolini himself, will step in and dictate. In event of difficulties with outside powers the combined armies of all ten of these powers will come at once under the command of the Emperor at Rome — one mighty and amalgamated army, far the most powerful of world history.


   Consider, a moment, what undreamed of POWER such an Empire will yield! We do not know yet, of course, exactly which ten nations will give their power and strength to Mussolini and his Italian forces. But a likely combination may well prove to be the following, listed with the latest authentic figures showing the active soldiers and trained reserves of each power:
Germany . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,118,000
France . . . . . . . . . . . . 6,100.000
Austria . . . . . . . . . . . . 188,000
Bulgaria . . . . . . . . . . . 295,000
Czecho-Slovakia . . . . . . . . 1,875,000
Hungary . . . . . . . . . . . . 44,000
Spain . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,234,000
Portugal . . . . . . . . . . . 521,000
Rumania . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,066,000
Yugo-Slavia . . . . . . . . . . 1,671,000
TOTAL, TEN NATIONS, 17,171,000
Added to Italy . . . . . . . . 6,294,000
ROMAN EMPIRE . . . . . . . . . 23,465.000
   That is the vast, mighty, army ALREADY TRAINED and in readiness for immediate war! And by training the remaining man-power of those nations, as they could do in a very few months, this reborn Roman Empire could put an army of THIRTY-FIVE MILLION soldiers in the field! This includes an already trained separate air force of more than 350,000 men.
   Another motivating factor in bringing this about is the hatred and fear existing in both Italy and Germany of COMMUNISM. At present the Red Army of Soviet Russia stands the largest trained army of world history — 19,490,000 trained men! Alone or together, Mussolini and Hitler cannot match that vast armed horde. But Mussolini's demon-inspired dream of reviving the ROMAN EMPIRE will place 35 million armed men under his command. With this power he will believe he can conquer the world.


   But Mussolini's task in bringing such a super-mighty Empire into being will not be easy. It will require the most clever strategy.
   Consider the facts. There are certain varying and conflicting interests in the various countries which must be overcome. The populations of the countries, however, are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. As such they look to their pope in all things. He holds power that is tremendous. And it is vital to Mussolini's dream. He could not possibly bring it about without the active influence of the pope.
   It happens that Mussolini is a Roman Catholic officially for political reasons, but privately he is an infidel and hates the Catholic religion. Hitler hates it even more, and has been trying to stamp it out by setting up his own personal state religion in Germany. But Mussolini is well aware of the pope's influence, and therefore his value to him. So he will strike a sharp bargain with the pope. The pope will agree to exert his influence to bring about the revival of the so-called HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. Mussolini will in turn agree to make the pope supreme religious head of it all. Next Mussolini will drive another sharp bargain with Hitler, showing the strategic need of the pope's powerful influence, and how this influence can be used as a tool to bring still greater power to these two demon-possessed Dictators. The deal with Hitler will be that the pope shall be given supreme religious power in Germany and all countries until he has served their purpose, — at which time these unprincipled rulers will turn on him, and do away with the Catholic Religion altogether!


   Thus the pope will be used as a tool. Thus the whole diabolical devil-inspired dream of Empire will be presented to the world in the guise of a great move for THE PEACE OF EUROPE! The pope will be used to place a stamp of holiness upon the fiendish plan.
   The Bible prophecy shows (Rev. 17:9) that the Catholic Church, thru its pope, was to sit supreme on all seven "heads" of the "beast" — and therefore must officially rule over this coming Empire, which is the seventh head. (There is no "eighth head" spoken of — but the BEAST, which has the seven heads, is itself an eighth).
   But then what will Mussolini and these ten dictators do? Notice the prophecy — absolutely SURE to happen — in Revelation 17:16-17: These ten dictators shall then "hate the whore (Catholic Church), and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. For God hath put it in their hearts to fulfil His will!" Thus shall the Catholic Church come to her final END, THUS SAITH THE LORD!


   Now a brief few words in conclusion about how world war will finally come. If he does not start it before the perfecting of this ten-nation Roman Empire, Mussolini soon after, drunk with his great power and lust for world rule, will block up the Strait of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, cutting the arterial life-line of the British Empire in two! He will take Egypt, in order to control the Suez Canal (Dan. 11:42). And that will mean war with Great Britain, — and the United States will be immediately in.
   A year ago Great Britain had a total armed strength of 1,112,000 men, and the U.S. a mere 474,000. Great Britain is now staging the most rapid re-armament campaign ever seen in any nation, but alone she would be no match for this vast Roman Empire. And our interests, so closely linked with those of Great Britain, would force us in at once.
   And also in the mean time, Mussolini and the pope will hatch up an idea between of setting up a world headquarters at JERUSALEM — and so Mussolini's armies will enter into PALESTINE (Dan. 11:41), and eventually will capture just half of the city of Jerusalem! (Zech. 14:2).
   But now what about COMMUNIST RUSSIA? Just at present Stalin is not ready to start his planned war. His plan is to bore from within — to work first by his underground propaganda, weaking the nations he proposes, eventually, to fight on the open field of battle.
   When Mussolini pulls his great coup and proudly struts before an awestruck world heading the mightiest army ever developed, Stalin's great Red Army of nineteen millions will be outnumbered. Stalin will bide his time, and prepare! In the meantime, Japan will continue conquering China. Russia now has more than a million armed soldiers on the Siberian-Manchurian border — just waiting! When the psychological moment arrives, with Chiang-Kai-Sheck weakened and discredited, and his people willing to turn him down — China hoplessly defeated — Japan also greatly weakened thru her conquering campaign against China — then Russia will step in as "big brother" to helpless China, and turn the tide against Japan.
   Then one of two things will happen. Either Japan will fight it out with Russia — and lose; or else Russia, which is primarily Mongolian in race, may suggest to Japan that her former Fascist allies, Italy and Germany, are now united in a "United States of Europe," — a white man's alliance, which is a threat and menace to the existence of the YELLOW race. Russia, cleverest propagandist of all-time may suggest to Japan that instead of fighting it out, in which event Japan would be certain to lose, the two join forces in an alliance of the YELLOW RACE against the white race. In this event, Russia and Japan combined will quickly train and develop the vast man-power of China, merging in a few months' time with an army of perhaps FIFTY MILLION MEN! Remember China is the most populous nation on earth, and Russia ranks third in population!
   Then, at last, Stalin will decide he is ready. This is when the "tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble" Mussolini! (Dan. 11:44). Then at last, the world will have shaped into its tree-cornered triangle of armies. No doubt such nations as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, etc., may throw the weight of their man-power into the Anglo-Saxon armies. Finally ALL nations shall be gathered for the final great mighty battle — so mighty as to dwarf all past battle of history — in the plains of Megiddo, now fortified, and therefore ARMAGEDDON! -70 miles north-west of Jerusalem. (Zech. 14:2 and Rev. 16:16, and 19:19). It will be at the time of the last of the seven plagues of the great DAY OF THE LORD! And then shall the LORD go forth — the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!
   If you want to know what will happen to the soldiers in these vast armies — millions upon millions of soldiers — just read it in Zech. 14:12! And the remainder of the 14th chapter of Zechariah, and Micah 4:1-7, and Isaiah 11 show us what shall happen from then on. God help us to be ready!

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