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Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.

Daniel 1:6

Surprise Atomic Blitz Planned to Knock Out Russia
Plain Truth Magazine
November 1948
Volume: Vol XIII, No.5
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Surprise Atomic Blitz Planned to Knock Out Russia

Few know that a "flash war" to end Russian aggression in a single overnight blow has been blueprinted by a few young atomic bomb enthusiasts among under-ranking air force officers. The U. S. government, of course, promptly rejected the Plan. But the Plan has been published, and it works both ways. Have its authors unwittingly planned the suicide of our nation? Could HITLER still be alive, awaiting the opportune moment to seize this very Plan to exterminate us? Here is a startling prophecy! THIS nation this moment is in mortal danger! For months the Russians have kept us in daily fear of war. All authorities, military and diplomatic, in the United States, in Britain and in France, are agreed that war with Russia is inevitable, sooner or later. Apparently it is not to come this year. September is the month for starting wars in Europe. The Russians would face greater obstacles than any other power in starting a war in late fall or winter. But every year it is delayed brings Russia closer to production of the atomic bomb.

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 1948Vol XIII, No.5