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Who am I: I have a cousin called Mary. My husband's name is Zacharias. I have a son called John.

Luke 1:5-60

What is the Image of the BEAST?
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1949
Volume: Vol XIV, No.2
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What is the Image of the BEAST?

UNLESS you worship the "Image of the Beast," you will be martyred - killed! But IF you worship this "Image" you shall suffer, without mercy, the SEVEN LAST PLAGUES - the wrath of Almighty GOD!! Millions, right here in America, are worshipping the "image of the Beast" today, and do not know it! The time is soon coming when those who refuse this false way of worship shall be MARTYRED! And it is those, of this very present generation, who are participating in this popular idolatry who shall suffer the unspeakable tortures of the SEVEN LAST PLAGUES. The time is AT HAND! All - including you - must soon decide. Either you shall have to suffer at the hand of MAN, or at the Hand of GOD!

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1949Vol XIV, No.2