What's Behind the Space Race?
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.7
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What's Behind the Space Race?

What do recent U.S. and Soviet space exploits really MEAN? There's MORE to the relentless drive into space than just the "enrichment of Science." This eye-opening article reveals what's REALLY BEHIND the space race!

   ON JUNE 3, United States astronauts scored a space spectacular! The U.S. equaled and surpassed Russia's feat of floating a man outside his spacecraft in space!
   Major White on our cover stepped out of his orbiting Gemini IV spaceship and "spacewalked" over 6,000 miles while traveling 17,500 miles per hour!
   As he drifted at the end of a 25-foot tether line, White maneuvered himself in space with a "jet gun" something the Russians haven't done yet.
   But in spite of this daring exploit in space, the U.S. is still lagging behind in other areas in the space race!
   The Soviet Union has already orbited one, two, and THREE men at a time, logging over 450 hours in space nearly THREE times more than the United States!
   Two men were sent up last March 18. And THREE went up in one flight just last October! This is one feat the U.S. can't expect to duplicate until Project Apollo, planned for 1967!

U.S. Leads "Scientific" Phase

   The United States, on the other hand, finds itself in a unique, yet ironic position. Only in unmanned space exploits can America claim real leadership in the space race.
   The U.S. has orbited three times as many spacecraft as the Soviets and leads in every field of purely scientific space research and exploration. This includes solar and lunar space probes, orbiting weather stations, and Mariner IV, which is, at time of writing, nearing Mars to take close-up TV photos of the red planet!
   But recent "space spectaculars" by both sides are bringing to light some very pointed questions:
   Is the multibillion-dollar space program for propaganda purposes to gain world prestige? Is it purely a scientific adventure? Are world leaders merely fascinated with the idea of landing on the moon?
   Here is what's REALLY BEHIND the space race!

National Security at Stake

   The underlying reason for the enormous investment in the space race is NATIONAL SECURITY! This IS especially true as far as the Soviet Union is concerned.
   U.S. officials are beginning to show concern over Soviet Russia's increased interest in near-earth exploits.
   The Pentagon is beginning to realize that Russia's close-to-earth experiments can lead the way to future MILITARY USES of space such as the launching of SPACE WARSHIPS from orbiting space platforms!
   Soviet Russia's space accomplishments prove that they are advancing in techniques which will lead to the erection of large space stations to orbit close to earth. Space platforms such as this could be a stepping-stone to the moon, as well as an OFFENSIVE WEAPON against the earth!
   Top U.S. Air Force leaders are convinced Russia is directing its MAIN resources and energies toward mastering space nearer the earth NOT TOWARD GETTING A MAN ON THE MOON!
   It's also believed that since Russia is so far behind in stockpiling missiles, they're now striving to get the "jump" on the United States in developing manned satellite weapons!
   Predictions by scientists now have it that within ten years, space corridors around the earth could be as VITAL to our national defense as our huge stockpile of nuclear missiles is today!
   Concerning manned Russian craft which have passed directly over the U.S. nearly 100 times in recent shots, Vice President Humphrey, Chairman of the National Aeronautics and Space Council, recently said: "We would be foolish if we did not understand the military implications."
   Said one Congressman: "It's no longer a question of whether we will have space tanks, space pillboxes, space artillery and space sentries, but when we will have them and WHOSE they will be."
   On March 22, Senator Howard W. Cannon, of Nevada, told Congress he was "disturbed" that some U.S. leaders felt that military uses of space should be "completely neglected."

Why Soviets Lead in Military Space Race

   The reason Russia has taken a big lead in the military space race is this: The Russian space program is run by military men. It is unified with MILITARY GOALS primarily in mind!
   There is no question that, in Russia, the military is running the whole show!
   It has been just the opposite in the U.S.
   Non-military scientists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) control a budget of more than 5 billion dollars a year, while Pentagon military officials get only slightly more than one-fifth that amount for military space research! Many authorities consider this a serious imbalance in expenditures for the space program.
   Thus far, the Air Force has been all but completely left out of the Gemini program and refused funds to begin its own similar experiments in the "inner space belt." Air Force, Marine Corps and Naval officers do serve as astronauts, but are under civilian authority.
   On June 4, The House Committee on Government Operations issued a report which heavily criticizes the Administration for not placing more emphasis on the military potential of space.
   NASA's civilian scientists tend to MINIMIZE military space programs near the earth. They're mainly interested in landing men on the moon and in purely scientific research.
   On the other side of the picture, our military men are not very excited about going to the moon they're interested in space experiments close to earth to PREVENT Russia from gaining military advantage over the U.S. in areas 100 to 600 miles above our planet.
   They want to begin developing space weapons systems!
   It is now agreed that the prospect of war in space no longer exists in the realm of FANTASY but is a FRIGHTENING POSSIBILITY!
   Air Force planners picture spacemen in reconnaissance vehicles, in satellite interceptors, and in NUCLEAR WARSHIPS capable of firing missiles down on earth targets! From elaborate command posts in space, men could control entire fleets of space weapons!
   So it is that American military and civilian space teams often work at CROSS-PURPOSES With differing goals in mind thus having enabled Russia to advance far ahead from the very start!
   Experts maintain that space operations above the earth will decisively influence the balance of power on earth. Many feel the growing stalemate in nuclear missiles will finally be broken by the nation which first develops and orbits space-based nuclear weapons!
   And Soviet military men speak of future SPACE WARFARE AS INEVITABLE!
   Think for a moment what all this means!
   It means that civilization is drawing nearer to committing COSMOCIDE ATOMIC SUICIDE of the whole human race!
   Offensive utilization of outer space will be just another step toward making the desolation of our planet that much more COMPLETE unless something is done to STOP IT!

Predicted Centuries Ago

   Over 1900 years ago the greatest newscaster the world has ever known foresaw today's scientific discoveries and technological advancements. He knew that through them men would produce the destructive forces that now threaten the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of all mankind!
   Listen to what that famous newscaster foretold about the result of today's chaotic world conditions.
   "For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be [again]. And except the Lord had shortened those days, NO FLESH should be saved [ALIVE]" (Mark 13:19-20).
   This great news prophet was Jesus Christ! What He foretold has been in your Bible all these centuries.
   Believe it or not, no other book is as up-to-date as your Bible! For only in this space age has it been possible to wipe out entire cities even the WHOLE EARTH OVERNIGHT!!
   Here is proof that total annihilation of the human race by warfare was never possible AT ANY TIME IN WORLD HISTORY UNTIL OUR GENERATION! The Encyclopedia Britannica solemnly reports:
   In August 1955... there was a general conviction among the governments that both sides in the cold war had sufficient retaliatory power to make hydrogen bomb war SUICIDAL"!
   No longer do this world's leaders talk about the mass murder of whole cities, or even whole continents. Now they speak in terms of "OVERKILL"!
   Already enough nuclear weapons are stockpiled in the U.S. and the USSR to TOTALLY ANNIHILATE all human life from this planet MANY TIMES OVER! Just ONCE would be enough!
   Physicist Ralph E. Lapp, atomic age pioneer of Washington D.C., said the United States has long had "enough nuclear explosives to OVERKILL the Soviet Union at least twenty-five times." He quoted the Secretary of State as saying the U.S. Stockpile may be DOUBLED by 1966! (UPI report)

Only ONE Hope!

   The record of history proves that when man invents a weapon, he always puts it to use in warfare.
   God's direct intervention in world affairs is man's only hope for survival! He is going to send Jesus Christ again this time to SAVE us from ourselves!
   Yet countless intelligent, well-educated men and women scoff at the thought that Jesus Christ is soon to return. They consider the idea RIDICULOUS! They are the typical product of an age that has lost sight of the reality of God.
   This age prides itself on being the most intellectual, the most cosmopolitan and "worldly-wise" that has ever existed. Yet it has completely lost sight of the very basis of all knowledge: What we are, why we are, what is the PURPOSE of human existence!
   If men knew the answers to these questions, they would understand the completely logical reason and in fact, the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for the soon and sudden return of Jesus Christ to rule this earth.

What It All Means to YOU

   Today we are living in the last days of this age the time of the death throes of man's civilization. You need to realize you're living in a time when you yes, YOU are being threatened with extinction!
   We are actually living in the time of which the apostle Paul spoke when he said, "This know... that in the LAST DAYS perilous times shall come" (II Tim. 3:1).
   That time is now!
   You are actually witnessing that climactic time of which so many prophecies speak that time of atheistic, godless, defiant man, trembling on the brink of nuclear holocaust that time marking the end of this age, and the approach of the glorious "Utopia" of the world tomorrow!
   You need to know how you can SURVIVE this hazardous time of threatening worldwide conflict to know how to live on over into that wonderful world tomorrow!
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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1965Vol XXX, No.7