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What am I: I was on the earth forty days and forty nights. I destroyed every living thing on the face of the earth, leaving only eight people alive.
The flood.

Genesis 7

Today Is NOT the ONLY Day of Salvation!
Good News Magazine
October 1954
Volume: Vol IV, No. 8
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Today Is NOT the ONLY Day of Salvation!

What will happen to unconverted mortal human beings after Christ returns? Will they be given their FIRST chance of salvation? And what of those who lived and died in total ignorance in Past ages? Are they lost forever? WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: TO UNDERSTAND the Bible you need seven keys. Because the churches have lost these seven all-important keys, they are in complete confusion! 0ne of these keys opens up the knowledge of God's PLAN OF REDEMPTION. Without it, you cannot understand the PLAN of salvation - the purpose being worked out here below. This KEY comprises the seven annual Holy Days or Festivals. Just as the Church is God's instrument for carrying out His PLAN, so these annual festivals are God's instrument for keeping us in the knowledge of His PLAN. These seven festivals picture the seven major steps in the plan of salvation. The entire history of redemption is re-enacted every year in these festivals.

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Good News MagazineOctober 1954Vol IV, No. 8