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How old was Joash when he became King of Judah?

II Kings 11:21

How Important Is Your PHYSICAL Life?
Good News Magazine
March 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 3
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How Important Is Your PHYSICAL Life?

Perhaps YOU have unwittingly begun to "take thought" for your Physical life! God's Church is to be given PROTECTION during the coming tribulation. But will EVERY PERSON in the Church be given physical protection? MANY IN God's true Church stand in mortal danger - NOW! With every passing day, the overawing, world-shaking events prophesied to happen are swiftly drawing nearer! As Gods people have grown in His revealed truth of the Bible, we have come to see it is His will to PROTECT the Philadelphia Church during the perilous times of world wars and violence! (Rev. 3:10 and 12:14). As most of you know, God's ministers believe the Bible most probably indicates the place of that protection will be PETRA, the "Rose-red city of rock," buried deep in the rugged mountains to the south-east of Palestine, in the rocky, desolate and practically inaccessible vastness of the ancient land of Edom.

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Good News MagazineMarch 1957Vol VI, No. 3