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Here's How to KEEP the Feast of Tabernacles
Good News Magazine
June 1957
Volume: Vol VI, No. 6
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Here's How to KEEP the Feast of Tabernacles

Many who attend the Feast of Tabernacles are not really KEEPING the Feast at all! Here's why! IS IT an ABSOLUTE command from God that you attend the Feast of Tabernacles in Gladewater each year... even if you must "crawl on your hands and knees"? Or, is it all right in God's sight, if you find it too difficult, financially, to stay home this year? Is not attending the Feast a sin so great that you should mortgage your home, car or borrow from others in order to get to Texas? A few of you brethren have had exactly this idea and have done these things in past years... then come to the ministers faced with the sad problem of the possibility of losing your home or owing others a large debt that you are unable to pay. Others, seeing the problems of these few, have decided that, if they don't come this year, then they can come next year or wait until they are able or until things work out to make it easy for them.

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Good News MagazineJune 1957Vol VI, No. 6