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Who are we: Our maternal grandfather was an Eygptian priest. Mum's name was Asenath. We ultimately became the possessor of the birthright promises. We were supposed to teach the world God's way of life, but about all we did was to teach them cricket and baseball.
Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 41:45-50

Our GROWTH Is a Challenge for the Future!
Good News Magazine
January 1959
Volume: Vol VIII, No. 1
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Our GROWTH Is a Challenge for the Future!

Do you realize how much God's Church has grown during the past few years? How big we are destined to become? THE "PHILADELPHIA" era of God's true Church has grown amazingly during the past six years! An anniversary which helped point out this growth has just occurred. But before giving you the significant facts behind this, let us consider the most recent news of the growth of God's Church. Nation-wide Tour: Last month we told you about the nation-wide baptizing and counseling tours in progress. Mr. Gerald Waterhouse and Mr. Bill McDowell had been sent out on a tour from which they have now returned. They traveled through the Southern states - to counsel with many and baptize some of the people who had written in saying that they considered themselves members of The Radio Church of God, and that this was their real church home. In addition, they visited many who had been missed by the regular baptizing tours.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1959Vol VIII, No. 1